Release: July 15, 2014 via Mediaskare Records [PRE-ORDER HERE]

The second studio album from L.A. band Volumes is finally upon us! A very exciting release with plenty of hype around it. I personally have been looking forward to this since I saw them back in December with The Devil Wears Prada. It’s always freaking awesome to see a new band tearing up the scene, like these guys do.

After their debut album Via, the question was what would the band do to follow up an incredible first act? Well, it’s safe to say that they’ve outdone themselves and produced a major album. If you haven’t given these guys a chance yet, now would be a great time to get in on the acTortion.

“Across The Bed” is the perfect balance of screams and cleans that catches the ear quite nicely. The slow, peaceful intro leads into the hardcore style that the band is based around. Volumes are very unique in their style, largely due in part to their dual vocalists. Michael Barr and Gus Farias both do the screams, which really adds to the overall production. Different voices definitely pick up more notice and draw your attention in deeper. With cleans mixed in as well, there is plenty of variety to make this song stand out from the rest.

Tribute songs always hit home pretty hard with added meaning and extra emotional value. Volumes does just that with their song “Vahle”, dedicated to their close personal friend James Vahle. What makes it stand out is how it hits with hardcore Volumes style but has a soft hint throughout. Obviously it is hard to deal with such sensitive subject matter but the band creates an honorable tribute. Might not be everyone’s favorite track, but it certainly possesses an emotionally fueled drive.

Another track that I recommend you check out falls towards the end of the album titled “Neon Eyes”. In particular I really like how they’ve done the instrumentals here, very cool main riff with a real twang to it. I find this to be a solid showcase of the talents this band has to offer. For instance you find their hardcore edgy sound plus the vocal mix I mentioned earlier. The vocal pace change is something they’re particularly good at and is important to take note of. Now evidently there are no cleans here, but that is why it fits so well on this album. It adds a lot of variety to the album as a whole, while staying consistent with their sound.

All in all this is a sick release that really builds off of their previous work to date. I’d go ahead and say that this is a cut above actually and that it’s a real step up. Loved their first album and can’t put this one down. Do yourself a favor and give these guys a good listen!

They don’t have a scheduled date in the Greater Toronto Area yet, but don’t worry they will be back soon! Hopefully you caught them at Warped last week, if not than you’ve got a bit of a wait ahead of you.


1)     The Mixture

2)     91367

3)     Erased

4)     Better Half

5)     Across The Bed

6)     Pistol Play

7)     Vahle

8)     Neon Eyes

9)     Peace Of Mind

10) Up All Night

Listen to “Vahle” here via YouTube:

Listen to “Erased” here via YouTube:


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