rise against


Release: July 15, 2014 via DGC and Interscope

Rise Against always seems to impress with each new release adding to the bands always growing reputation. The Black Market is the seventh album for Chicago natives following Endgame (2011).

The band has always pushed issues both political and personal to them in their work and this is no exception. For hardcore Rise Against fans you’re going to be beaming after listening to this one. Their latest stuff hits home for everything the band has worked towards and built thus far. However, some fans may feel that this is too consistent with the style we’ve come to know and love. Nevertheless, no one can deny that it’s Rise Against once again providing a kickin’ musical experience.

I’ve taken the liberty of picking out some songs that I find to be the cream of the crop. Starting off “I Don’t Want To Be Here Anymore” was released as a single a little while back and it hits hard. I find it plays like an anthem with a chorus you can’t help but sing along to. The guitar riffs are very melodic and add a great deal to the song as a whole.

Usually the album titled track doesn’t register or standout from an album, but that isn’t the case here. “The Black Market” is, in my opinion, one of the catchiest tracks. I love the main verse and how well organized it is. Every component fits in well with nothing raising a flag. Though that probably comes a lot easier with the tons of experience these guys have on the scene.

One of the things about Rise Against that I respect the most is their environmental concern. Always promoting saving the planet and all of its inhabitants is a noble goal to promote. With strong vegan ties, the band has painted an image of themselves for all to see. Getting more to my point here, my favorite song on the album is “People Live Here”. Perhaps an odd choice as it isn’t quite the Rise Against you usually envision. As much as I love their fast paced rock, I have even stronger feelings about their slower stuff. I just find the concept of viewing humanity in such away to be truly spectacular. Connecting past, present and future through our lives is something that has great meaning.

Overall I’m quite happy with this album, more or less what I was expecting. Check it out for yourself by picking up a copy! Also get excited because they’re coming to Riot Fest in Toronto on September 6. Tickets are available here!

Track list:

1)     The Great Die Off

2)     I Don’t Want To Be Here Anymore

3)     Tragedy + Time

4)     The Black Market

5)     The Eco-Terrorist In Me

6)     Sudden Life

7)     A Beautiful Indifference

8)     Methadone

9)     Zero Visibility

10) Awake Too Long

11) People Live Here

12) Bridges

Listen to “I Don’t Want To Be Here Anymore” on YouTube:

Listen to “The Black Market” on YouTube:

Listen to “People Live Here” on YouTube:

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