On July 24th, the small, yet personal and down to earth, Hard Luck Bar slowly started to fill up and transform throughout the night for the headlining band, Glass Cloud; turning this upstairs bar into an insane, jam packed djent fest.

First to the stage was Britain’s own, Monuments. With only a quarter of the venue filled, Monuments started the show off strong and created an amazing picture of how crazy and energetic the rest of the night was going to be. Lead vocalist, Chris Barretto (formerly in Periphery), brought his vocals to life that night, sounding just as great as he does on record, while the rest of the band played as perfectly and sporadically as expected.

Second to the stage in the five band lineup, was Reflections. They really started to get the crowd even crazier with the bar continuing to steadily fill up. With the crowd moshing intensely, Reflections provided only a glimpse of what was to come.

Once Erra took to the stage is when the bar was at half capacity with still many more to arrive. Erra played amazingly while the vocalist, Ian Eubanks, struggled to make his voice heard. Despite Eubanks’ performance, which was clear he has been losing his voice along this tour, his stage presence was more than enough to make up for any lack of vocals. As a whole, Erra performed incredibly and their heavy guitar shredding was perfect for shadowing the upcoming band.

That upcoming band was nothing more than Houston natives; Scale The Summit. Opening with a video backdrop of blood vessels flowing through the body, Scale The Summit is the band that really sent the crowd crazy. The small Hard Luck Bar was now jam packed with metal heads moshing and jumping whenever the music really started to get heavy; it felt like the floor was ready to give out underneath the weight of the crowd with every jump. With no vocals, Scale The Summit really relied on their video back drop to provide for stage presence, which did just that. Using the back drop to provide a different video for every song, it transported  the crowd from an intense battle between two knights to a majestic flight over the seas before serenely ending on flowers blossoming open to tie the entire performance together.

The final act of the night was the highly anticipated Glass Cloud. With no drummer and bassist the band still played perfectly while members of other bands on tour, and Toronto natives Intervals, filled in between songs. By this point the venue was full and the moment you stepped into the building you could feel the heat and sweat radiating from every fan moshing their heart out. Glass Cloud brought the entire crowd to life, while vocalist, Jerry Roush, did not let a single fan escape his ambitious demands to start going insane. Roush’s demands did not fall on deaf ears as the crowd fiercely began to mosh. Glass Cloud was truly a shining gem that night, as after the show all you could hear while walking away from the venue, were fans discussing and raving about how great a concert they had just seen and how astounding Glass Clouds performance was.





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