norma jean


On the night of August 8th, the Hard Luck Bar in downtown Toronto played host to The Zero Fun Tour, one of the most anticipated shows of the summer. Norma Jean played an unforgettable night along with Partycat, The Prestige, and Night Verses.

Toronto natives, Partycat, were first to start off the night. Their first few songs quickly got heads nodding, but their lack of variation from song-to-song lost some of the crowd as quickly as they had picked them up. Although Partycat did set the tone, they provided simply a small glance of what to expect.

The Prestige recaptured the attention of fans with their melodic tunes and stage presence. Their Norma Jean influenced guitar riffs and heavy melodies were perfect for amping up the crowd for the rest of the night ahead. With toes tapping and heads banging, The Prestiges performance was great and definitely made up for their disappointingly short set.

Next on the stage, were none other than Night Verses. Their music was hugely reminiscent of none other than Norma Jean, and fans could quickly realize why the headliner often refers to Night Verses as their ‘favorite band’. Night Verses crazy guitar skills and musical capabilities made everyone bang their heads without even realizing. Their performance alone was hypnotic and there wasn’t a single pair of eyes not glued to their performance. Night Verses truly were the perfect band to set the vibe for Norma Jean’s upcoming performance.

With the entire crowd eagerly watching Norma Jean’s line check, Cory Brandan Putman’s first initial shout into the mic got every single person sitting, out of their seat and into the crowd. Not a single soul in the Hard Luck could escape the Georgian band’s heavy sound and intense stage presence. Within the first few lines of their opening song “Disconnecktie: The Faithful Vampire”, they had the entire crowd in a trance. There wasn’t a single person not singing along to all the words, and Norma Jean maintained that energy throughout the rest of their set.

Playing older songs from their 2002 album Bless The Martyr and Kiss The Child, with former lead vocalist Josh Scogan, to new songs from last years album, Wrongdoers, Norma Jean perfectly blended every song that was sure to make the crowd sing and go wild. They perfectly blended old songs with new ones and there wasn’t a moment that the crowd wasn’t going insane.

Finishing off their set strong with “Memphis Will Be Laid To Waste”, Norma Jean expectedly played a perfect show that is sure to remain in every concert goers memories as one of the best shows they’ve ever attended. Even without the much demanded encore from the crowd, all you could hear once exiting the Hard Luck was how amazing Norma Jean’s performance was and how happy every fan was for being able to see such an incredible performance.


Stone Dog (Intro)

Disconnecktie: The Faithful Vampire

The Anthem of the Angry Brides

If You Got It at Five, You Got It at Fifty

The End of All Things Will Be Televised

The Potter Has No Hands

Dilemmachine: Coalition, Hoax

I Used to Hate Cell Phones But Now I Hate Car Accidents / Creating Something Out of Nothing, Only to Destroy It

Leaderless and Self Enlisted

The Lash Whistled Like a Singing Wind

Murderotica: An Avalanche in D Minor

Sword in Mouth, Fire Eyes


Afterhour Animals

Hive Minds

A Small Spark vs. A Great Forest

Memphis Will Be Laid to Waste

Stone Dog (Outro)

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