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On August 7th, the Punk Rock Summer Nationals Tour made it’s way to Echo Beach in Toronto, bringing with it headliners The Offspring, Bad Religion, Pennywise & The Vandals.

First band we caught was Pennywise; when you open for a band, you know you got forty-five minutes. It’s about going out, picking your best songs, and going out with guns blazing. Then you shove it down the audience’s throat and that’s exactly what Pennywise did. Vocalist Jim Lindberg took a moment to berate  concertgoers who were  groping a girl while she was crowd surfing at the gig.  I personally think it’s about damn time somebody did that. Shame on those guys in the crowd- not cool.

Next up was Bad Religion. Bad Religion have been consistently impressive throughout their 34 years together. After receiving fan and critic praise for their latest  album True North on Epitaph Records the band continues wowing audiences globally in 2014.

These guys owned the stage from the moment they began. Singer Greg Graffin worked the crowd belting out soaring vocals and possessing a great stage presence with his personality.  Their classic “New America” for second became “New Canada”. Hearing these words from the singer’s mouth incited more cheers of joy from the audience.

Last but not least we got The Offspring, who are still pretty fly on stage! The Californian pop-punk pranksters left fans gasping for air with their classics from Smash.  I could see big smiles at the end of every song. Never in a million years did fans imagine that they would one day be watching The Offspring perform their favorite album in its entirely. The fans helped the band raise temperatures further!  It was 1994 all over again!  A lot of those songs hadn’t been performed live in perhaps 20 years.

Fans were treated to all their favorite songs including “Come Out and Play “, “Genocide ” and “Something to Believe In “. The band from Huntington Beach still has it after almost 20 years.

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