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Playing their final show on tour for the next eight weeks, Thy Art Is Murder made a stop at Rum Runners in London, Ontario.  Hitting the stage with them was Strength In Numbers, Wind Cries Mary and London’s own Of Concepts and Kings.

Rum Runners was packed with tons of supporters, anxiously awaiting the powerful lineup ahead.

With opening acts Strength In Numbers and Wind Cries Mary killing it on stage, the energy in the room was up. They created a phenomenal atmosphere to the show that’s really unique to metal shows. With fans stepping out into the rainy night air between sets, what was about come next had folks a chatter.

Obviously a band playing a show in their hometown is going to hit a new level of awesome. After all supporting your own is important, especially after they’ve been so successful thus far. Of Concepts and King’s took the stage to a full room and a loud roar.

Lead singer Connor Atkinson jumped right into the set with a tuque pulled over his face as he screamed his message. The band just released an EP titled Cease Being, which was featured throughout their set.

The highlight of the set, especially for anyone unfamiliar with the band, was when they covered Slipknots “Psychosocial”. The crowd loved it and a few fans even got to go up and take they’re best shot at vocals!

When the set came to an end the room had what felt like an adrenaline shot pumped into it. The best part being that there was still more to come, headliners Thy Art Is Murder were preparing for their set.

As the guitars chimed in and the drum line hit, CJ McMahon emerged in a dripping wet rain jacket. Leaving his hood up so that only a wild mess of hair hung out, he blasted the lyrics out to several of the bands most popular songs.

The Australian extreme metal band played track such as “The Purest Strain Of Hate” and “Doomed From Birth”.

All in all they played a sick show as they ended the tour before they start up again this fall. Unfortunately if you missed them this time you’re going to have to wait until 2015 as they have no more Canadian dates scheduled.


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