slash band

Words by: Gerrod Harris

Release Date: September 16th, 2014

Slash continues his collaboration with Myles Kennedy & The Conspirators with a follow up album to Apocalyptic Love, released in 2012.  Read on to see if the band delivers with World On Fire, after setting the bar so high in past releases.

Slash, of former Guns N’Roses and Velvet Revolver fame, seems to always know how to capture the magic of 1980’s hair metal without making it sound dated.  Notorious for his shredding, his new album seems as modern as all his previous works.  Once you get past the slightly creepy album art displaying plastic figurines melted together, the album kicks off with the first single and title track, “World On Fire”.  The song was released earlier in the summer, accompanied with a highly explicit lyric video, featuring a dancer who eventually bares it all.  “World On Fire” serves as an excellent start to the album, the hard hitting song, paired with its video set the tone for the rest of the album: long live rock n’fucken roll!

The album serves as an excellent example of modern rock, while remaining true to Slash’s signature style of guitar composition:  interesting riffs, distorted chords, and fast, mind bending solos.  “Beneath The Savage Sun” and “Safari Inn” contain my favorite riffs on the album, worthy of being held beside some of Slash’s classic riffs.  However, unlike his previous works where he has admitted to almost exclusively using a variety of Gibson Les Pauls’, Slash on a few occasions has branched out during the recording of this album.  In a recent interview, he claimed to have used a Gibson Melody Maker, as well as a Gibson ES-335 to escape the classic crunch of the Les Paul as “it was simply too much Les Paul”.  This change of gear is really noticeably in “Battleground”, and in the instrumental piece, “Safari Inn”, which both feature a softer guitar tone.  Kennedy’s voice, as always, is incredibly powerful and at the centre of the album.  These songs and melodies were built for his voice and ever stretching range, showing that he played a large part in the signwriting process, rather than only coming in to sing his parts.

World On Fire, although primarily a hard rock album, covers a lot of different musical feels.  From the shuffle on “Dirty Girl”, the Alter Bridge-esque “The Unholy”, the instrumental and Santana inspired “Safari Inn” and multiple songs reminiscent of the energy and raw power from Slash’s early years with Guns N’RosesWorld On Fire acts as an excellent sophomore album to come from the Slash and Kennedy collaboration.  I very much enjoyed listening to the album and recommend it for fans of Slash’s previous solo work, Guns N’Roses, Velvet Revolver, Alter Bridge, or anyone who is looking for a new, authentic, guitar heavy, rock and roll record.

Slash has done what I did not expect: World On Fire has managed to surpass the high standards set by Apocalyptic Love, setting even higher expectations for the next album.

Track Listing:

1: World On Fire

2: Shadow Life

3: Automatic Overdrive

4: Wicked Stone

5: 30 Years To Life

6: Bent To Fly

7: Stone Blind

8: Too Far Gone

9: Beneath The Savage Song

10: Withered Delilah

11: Battleground

12: Dirty Girl

13: Iris Of The Storm

14: Avalon

15: The Dissident

16: Safari Inn

17: The Unholy

 Catch the lyric video for “World On Fire”:

Listen to “Beneath the Savage Sun”:

Listen to “Safari Inn”:


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