The Brits took over Toronto’s Sound Academy Wednesday night when the brit-rock, indie, alternative, electronica rockers Kasabian from Leicester, England brought their 48:13 Tour for a wee visit.

It was a collection of new and old for the night’s set list. Kasabian shared some new tunes from their latest album 48:13 such as “Stevie” and “Bumblebeee,” but it was the oldies like “Fire,” “Club Foot” and “Days Are Forgotten” that received the grandest fan reactions. They had everyone on their feet dancing for the entire 80-minute set with rhythms and interludes that made it impossible to stay stationary.

Singer and front man, Tom Meighan, sported his bumblebee style sunglasses and grooved back and forth across the stage in entertaining fashion. However it’s Kasabian’s second vocalist and guitarist, Sergio Pizzorno that is the band’s dark horse. Rocking his helmet-like hairdo that is so thick you’d be convinced it’s a wig, and taking breaks from his guitar to dance and interact with the crowd, he’s a real rock star through and through. Not to mention, he’s also an expert footballer (his Soccer Aid goal against David Seaman is worth a search on YouTube).

Pizzorno praised the audience, “Toronto, you guys are awesome, coming out and getting crazy on a f*cking Monday night,” before Meighan reminded him it was Tuesday.

Kasabian threw in a cover of Fatboy Slim’s “Praise You” before ending the night with “L.S.F. (Lost Souls Forever),” leaving the crowd ecstatic and wanting even more despite their sweaty, exhausted condition. Kasabian are not only a great rock band, but their uniqueness is an explanation of how Brit rock differs from anywhere else in the world.


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