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On October 7th, 2014 New Found Glory’s much anticipated eighth studio album, Resurrection, dropped for North American fans. With two tracks already being pre-released as a teaser for the rest of the album, tracks “Selfless” and “Ready and Willing” both released September 10th, NFG fans have already got a taste of the bands first album released since 2013’s cover album Mania. With recent allegations resulting in the departure of now former guitarist, primary songwriter and contributing lyricist Steve Klein, the band has written and recorded the entire Resurrection album with only one guitarist, Chad Gilbert, making this the first record written as a four piece band in their history.

The album, as said by vocalist Jordan Pundik, is written with a theme of reform and rebirth and hitting rock bottom only to find yourself on your way back up again. So although this concept seems dark and dismal, it does have a very positive shade to it, as traditionally NFG is.

The album opens up casually with standard issue pop punk guitar feedback, before shifting directly into high gear to the driving, jump up and down until your legs break, intensely catchy sound that we all have come to know and love from NFG with the album’s first track, “Selfless”, which as mentioned previously was one of two tracks already released.  “Selfless” really comes across as a song about making the most of things despite the weight of the world which sometimes can bring us down, and doing things not only for oneself but for the overall betterment of life in general.

The fourth track of the album, also a previously released track “Ready and Willing”, has an absolutely infectious chorus, in the best way! The song even features a classic pop punk bridge, before jumping back into the sing-a-long you crave to hear, and a particularly hooky guitar riff.

“One More Round”, the albums fifth track, really drives hard, commanding you to bob your head and mosh. Being a quicker paced song the the previous tracks on the album, it really seems to kick things up a notch witihin the albums energy. The song seems to be about being held back but overcoming those obstacles, and I’m sure with the kind of surefooted inspiration this track will be of purpose to many fans.

The song “Angel”, on the second half of the album features a propulsive bass line that rolls on throughout the majority of the song. This track has a much more laid back, grown up feel to it, with lots of quiet to heavy contrasts, and many clean guitar fills. Lyrically the song is rooted around the fact that nobody is truly an angel and that we are all really just human, living our lives.

The second last track of the album “Living Hell” really stands out as a classic traditional NFG song, so fans need not worry, there is still a lot of old school pop punk magic on the band’s newest album. The song features a building interlude with signature NFG back and forth panned guitar parts that sonically blow up out of your speakers.

Overall New Found Glory’s Resurrection did not disappoint in the slightest, and carries on previous time-honoured pop punk values, while bringing to the table a slightly simplified, more mature rock sound to the table. Infusing this album with these textures has brought out a completely new side of New Found Glory, which is refreshing for a band with as many albums under their belt as the boys in NFG. A new chapter for the band, a new line up, and a new sound, all around; new awesome.



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