CONCERT COVERAGE: SEETHER | Phoenix Concert Theatre



On October 7th, 2014; Seether’s Isolate and Medicate Tour made it’s way to the Phoenix Concert Theatre in Toronto with support from Oshawa locals, The StandStills. As fans of a more mature demographic made their way into the venue, sporting flannels and leather jackets, the good vibes and excitement for the night ahead made it evident that this was going to be a good one.

The StandStills welcomed fans to the show as the crowd continued to multiply. Although you could tell most people were not familiar with the band, it was obvious that everyone grew to like them right away. The StandStills are normally a two-piece act with Jonny Fox on vocals/ guitar and Renee Couture on drums, however on this occasion they decided to bring out Joseph Stamp (Hail The Villain) on bass, making for the perfect addition to their edgy alternative-rock sound.

The StandStills played tracks off of their debut self-titled EP The Standstills, as well as tracks off of their latest release The Human Element. As a bonus for fans who didn’t know their tunes, they performed a cover of Led Zeppelin’s “Immigrant Song” for people to sing along to.

Finally, after an entertaining opener, the arrival of more fans and the reveal of a new stage set-up featuring cattle skulls and masks; the time came for Seether to be cheered on stage.

Opening with “See You at the Bottom”, the heaviest track off of their latest release Isolate and Medicate, Seether were sounding spot on and had fans singing along word for word, as they followed it with their current radio hit “Words As Weapons”.

Seether’s set list consisted of hits from all throughout the years, including “Rise Above This”, “Tonight”, “Breakdown”, “My Disaster”, “Driven Under”, “Gasoline”, “Fine Again”, “Country Song”, “Save Today”, “Fake It” and “Remedy”.

Let’s also not forget the crowd-pleaser “Broken” that had everyone breaking out their phones for a quick instagram video.

All in all, the Isolate and Medicate Tour stop in Toronto was a grungy, headbanging success. Fans were lucky to see the band in a more intimate venue and were also fortunate to get in a serenade from The StandStills as they made the perfect addition to the bill.



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