CONCERT REVIEW: YOU ME AT SIX | Phoenix Concert Theatre

you me at six


This past Thanksgiving, on October 13, You Me At Six finally arrived to play at the Phoenix Concert Theatre in Toronto, after having to cancel the original tour dates due to medical issues. Young Guns and Stars In Stereo opened up the Cavalier Youth Tour for the headliners, heightening the anticipation for the main act.

Throughout the entire evening all you could feel was the excitement for the show to start. When Stars in Stereo took the stage the crowd was welcomed by their female-vocalists haunting vocals. Her vocals overall didn’t sound anything like it does recorded, but her stage presence is definitely something to note. As she went from one side of the stage to another, a platform which seemed too small for her performance, she had a stage presence much like a Guitar Hero character, and in the best possible way.

After an entertaining performance from the opening band, Young Guns were next to perform. The crowd appeared to be a quite a bit more familiar with the band, since more people appeared to know the words. Young Guns’ opening song wasn’t too outstanding, but once “Weight of the World” hit in, the entire atmosphere changed. Vocalist, Gustav Wood, could feel the vibe, and his performance became even more energetic as he ran from one side of the stage to the other.  It wasn’t until Wood announced that they’d be playing their newest song, “I Want Out”, that the crowd became most energetic until the closing of their set with ‘Bones’.

Once the lights dimmed, anyone from the balcony came down to the floor, and anybody standing up against the wall joined the massive crowd of fans as You Me At Six claimed the stage. Welcomed with cheering and applause, You Me At Six jumped right into it with ‘Too Young To Feel This Old’ off their newest album Cavalier Youth. Back in May, You Me At Six had to reschedule their north American tour due to vocal stress from a year of constant touring; so once familiar tunes like ‘Underdog’ and ‘Loverboy’ from their previous album were performed the crowd seemed even more into the performance.

You Me At Six set included a good mix of songs from Cavalier Youth and Sinners Never Sleep, along with a song or two off Hold Me Down. The crowd did appear most excited for any song off Sinners Never Sleep, and vocalist Josh Franceschi took note of that by letting the crowd sing in his place while he tried to get the audience even more enthusiastic. You Me At Six played a few more songs before performing ‘Reckless’, ‘Bite My Tongue’, and ‘Fresh Start Fever’ to harness enough energy from the crowd to last until their last song of the night: ‘Lived A Lie’.

   Franceschi kept the crowd enticed and interactive by speaking to them between songs, including a quick jab at Canadian natives Nickleback when saying that ‘…you don’t ADMIT you like Nickleback’. Franceschi also strongly encouraged the crowd to put down their cellphones, for at least a song, and to live in the moment with everyone else in the venue. You Me At Six weren’t quiet when also letting the crowd know that ‘…In the past 16 out of 20 dates, we couldn’t wait to get off stage, but tonight we don’t want to leave…’ and informing Toronto that they can’t wait to come back and see the same crowd sing along to their songs.

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