On October 31, 2014, I had the chance to cover New York city-based rock band The Pretty Reckless with Adelitas Way & Crash Midnight at the Sound Academy. This is what I got to see:

Do you remember that shy girl you were crushing on in high school?

Now she sings for metal band! Obviously I’m talking about Taylor Momsen, who is also an actress, and a model, who portrayed the character of Jenny Humphey on the CW television series Gossip Girl.

Sure, she’s hot. But that’s not what she aims for. Any woman who can hold her own with Marilyn Manson will surely rock your puny little world.  She’s also getting a chance to tell other girls out there that it’s OK to be part of an aggressive scene and express yourself in unconventional ways.The scene is not as male dominated and nobody is going to look twice if there’s a woman in a band. I’m all about having more women in rock.

This show is been sold out for months and it goes without saying that The Pretty Reckless are on the verge of enormous things.

Crowd-wise at one point I felt like thousands of tween girls jammed a vast square and screamed in unison!  The girls were losing their minds!  It was like a Justin Beiber show… They were in what could be described as a “manic” state.

With Taylor as a photogenic focal point, they’re a record label marketing department’s dream, but far from being an exercise in shallow contrivance, The Pretty Reckless, have the songs and the sass to back up their eminently sale-able image. Though there are definitely some doses of pop, there’s a black hearted soul adding to the highly accessible sound. I heard some Black Sabbath influence in their music.

The New Yorker based singer transcended rocker chick-cliché and flaunted an impressive vocal register ranging from hoarse growls to banshee wails. On stage, Taylor is The Pretty Reckless greatest strength. She’s got a strong stage presence and refused to shy from her sexuality as she crawled all over the stage. Men wanted her while women wanted to be her. Although Momsen’s interaction with the crowd is minimal, she did  sing… I mean she really did sing. Her range was spectacular on “Going To Hell”, which is a massive hit.



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