This past Saturday, November 8th, the Phoenix Concert Theatre opened its doors to hundreds of fans awaiting to watch Issues and I Killed The Prom Queen play live on the Journey’s Noise Tour. Georgian based Issues have been gaining popularity quickly amongst fans, while I Killed The Prom Queen have obtained a loyal and large fan base over their entire career both before and after their break-up.

With much of Tyler Carter’s fan base crossing over from Woe, Is Me, and I Killed The Prom Queen’s highly anticipated reunion in Canada, it’s no surprise that the venue was filled with the most enthusiastic and high energy fans. The crowd wasn’t just energetic for the two headliners of the band, they shared their excitement with opening bands Nightmare, Marmozets and Ghost Town. Despite the sound not being quite up to par, the fans still moshed and danced around for the openers, especially Marmozets with their high performance front woman who demanded all eyes on her.

Once I Killed The Prom Queen took to the stage, with ‘To The Wolves  the crowd went ballistic. With one original member left, Jona Weinhofen (ex-Bleeding Through and Bring Me The Horizon), the crowd was ecstatic to hear new songs from their 2014 album Beloved (Find our album review here). Once the band started playing ‘Sharks In Your Mouth  from their pre-hiatus album Music For The Recently Deceased did the fans truly start to mosh, with people in the 19+ area even throwing down. Although I Killed The Prom Queen primarily played songs from Beloved, and you couldn’t hear much past the drums, they still managed to kill it and finished off their set strong, and appropriately, with another Music For The Recently Deceased song, ‘Say Goodbye’.

 Following the heavier metalcore act for the night, was the headlining band Issues. Since their conception in 2012, Issues has become a well known band partly due to so many band member coming from Woe, Is Me (Tyler Carter is the only former Woe, Is Me member left). After opening for bands like Silverstein and Bring Me The Horizon, it’s no shocker that Issues have developed the loyal fan base that they now have. Playing a hefty setlist to promote their self titled album, Issues started off the show with ‘Sad Ghost  and continued to play every song off that album excluding ‘Tears On the Runway PT. 2. They sprinkled in a few songs from their Black Diamonds EP including the fan, and band, favorite Love, Sex, Riot.

 There wasn’t a moment during Issues set where the crowd seemed to quiet down or tire out. Even without much sound coming from the turntables or even the vocalists microphones, the crowd didn’t mind because everyone in the venue knew every word to every song, to the point where Carter could’ve not sang at all and the crowd would’ve been able to keep the show going. When Issues closed their set with Disappear (Remember When), Carter held the mic out the audience to sing the last repeated verse, and the crowds chanting was haunting yet loving and truly displayed the love everyone had for this young band. It’s because of this love that Issues listened to their screams for an encore, and came back on stage to finish the night with not just one song, but two. They had a strong finish with ‘Personality Cult and the well known, fan favorite,  Hooligans. Issues definitely knows how to keep their fans wanting more, and having only been around since 2012, this band will only get bigger. We haven’t heard the last from Issues, and we’re only going to see them flourish. Who knows what the future may hold for Tyler Carter and his band of brothers, but the fans are eagerly waiting to find out.


I Killed The Prom Queen

  1. To the Wolves
  2. Sharks in Your Mouth
  3. Thirty One & Sevens
  4. Calvert Street
  5. Brevity
  6. Your Shirt Would Look Better With a Columbian Neck-tie
  7. Bright Enough
  8. Say Goodbye


  1. Sad Ghost
  2. King of Amarillo
  3. Old Dena
  4. Stingray Affliction
  5. Princeton Ave
  6. Never Lose Your Flames
  7. Love Sex Riot
  8. Life of a Nine
  9. The Langdon House
  10. Late
  11. The Settlement
  12. Her Monologue
  13. Mad At Myself
  14. Disappear (Remember When)


  1. Personality Cult
  2. Hooligans

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