HEAVY MUSIC NEWS: The New Northlane



Any band that goes through a change of members is always under the scope of judgment. Especially when it’s the lead vocalist. Northlane recently underwent one of the biggest trials they’ve ever had to face.

Front man Adrian Fitipaldes announced his departure from the band in September of this year. Due to an intense amount of vocal strain, Fitipaldes decided to begin a new chapter in his life. He intends to maintain his creative side through poetry, photography and maybe even some music.

This in turn started Northlane down a new path, where they hope to build off their success thus far. The band opened up an audition process where anyone could submit a video of themself performing either “Dream Awake” or “Quantum Flux”. The band reviewed thousands of submissions from around the world before making a decision. A decision, however, they wanted to keep a secret before releasing their first track with him. Marcus Bridge.

“Rot” was set to be released on November 21, but was a surprise release on Australian radio a day early. Though the secret of who was taking over on vocals was spoiled, the hype continued to grow. Bridge, former vocalist for Sound of Seasons, will be playing in front of his largest audience yet.

The song itself has been subject to mixed reviews. Though, that is always the case when people are exposed to change. Don’t be so quick to shut these guys down! Six weeks ago they didn’t even have a vocalist while writing. Without an idea of who would be singing, writing a song with the appropriate feel to it would be difficult.

Lots of fans claim to be disappointed and are overly critical of “Rot”. What I see here is only positives though. I will admit it isn’t the best release from Northlane, but it is a solid base point. Look at what they have to build off now, it can only get better from here. I’m not saying this is a bad song; in fact I quite enjoyed it. What this song does is showcase the potential of Marcus Bridge and the reinvented band.

Bridge has some serious vocal skills with how he is able to do both cleans and screams. How he adjusts and alternates between the two is seamless and bone chilling. Lets see how they use his cleans to rework their sound for their slated mid 2015 album.

As far as instrumental go, it is the same heavy mix. I love how they work their instrumentals, their timing and execution is what makes them next level. They know how to use their sound while balancing vocals.

They’re a band with a message, one that touches on a lot of key issues. I find their music to be incredibly positive and motivating. “Rot” is on the same level in that regard, as it should be. To be perfectly honest, I think Marcus Bridge is the best replacement for Adrian. A transition that will work in the bands favor.

Basically, people just need to wait and see more from them. This is a good starting point for Northlane, one that they can only grow from. They’ve been through a rough time these last few months, but expect them to come back stronger than ever.

Check out “Rot”:

Check out Marcus’ Audition:

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