2014 – A year filled with excitement and enthusiasm, especially in the Metal music scene. Some of the biggest bands released albums during the 365 day period. Start reading now and you’ll enjoy some of the flashbacks and recent album releases of this awesome year!

Album: The Satanist
Release Date: February 3, 2014

The 1991 formed death metal band is from Poland and is known to play a huge role in the Polish extreme metal underground. Their tenth album The Satanist, released by Nuclear Blast Records is quite mind blowing as there are horror induced riffs, black metal lyrics and some blindingly quick death metal. Quite a masterpiece, you can say.

© Christina Marchioni Photography 2014Intervals
Album: A Voice Within
Release Date: March 4, 2014

Intervals are a progressive metal band from Toronto, Ontario. The Canadians were one of the purely rare underground instrumental bands until their latest studio album, A Voice Within which featured vocals for the first time ever! The band had always been open to taking on a singer, but simply never felt the need to add one although did make a great decision, as the vocals went great with the melodic side of the band.

Check out our coverage from Intervals w/ Protest the Hero at the London Music Hall on April 17th, 2014

animalsAnimals as Leaders
Album: The Joy of Motion
Release Date: March 24, 2014

The Joy of Motion is the third album by American instrumental progressive metal group, Animals as Leaders. This album was released by Sumerian Records on March 24 in Europe, the 25th in North America and then the 28th in Australia. Animals as Leaders always put out amazing music, with their ideas. The instrumental band killed this album, with the wide range of musical styles.

Check out our coverage from Animals As Leaders w/ After The Burial at The Opera House on March 5th, 2014!

Black Label Society
Album: Catacombs of the Black Vatican
Release Date: April 7, 2014

The LA band formed by Zack Wylde have released a total of two live albums, two complication albums, one EP, three video albums, and now the ninth studio album, Catacombs of the Black Vatican. The album consists of a good mix of bluesy mid-tempo tracks, along with some of their “typical” heavy stuff. They definitely have a large fan base.

Check out our coverage of Zakk Wylde at The Danforth Music Hall on February 27th, 2014! 

body count
Body Count
Album: Manslaughter
Release Date: June 9, 2014

Body Count is a California band with front man, our very own Ice-T. He co-founded the group with lead guitarist Ernie C. Manslaughter and now it is their fifth album, released by Sumerian Records. One word to describe these guys and the album itself is badass. Songs to check out from Manslaughter are “Cop Killer” along with “Talk Shit, Get Shot.” Hearing these songs live at Mayhem Festival this year was quite entertaining, as many fans rapped along.

Check out our coverage of Body Count at Mayhem Festival in Toronto on July 25th, 2014!

Album: Once More ‘Round the Sun
Release Date: June 24, 2014

The American heavy metal band formed in the early 2000’s and has released six studio albums. The most recent of them all is Once More ‘Round the Sun. On April 17, Mastodon released the album’s first single, “High Road,” with Reprise Records. There was also and still is a lot of controversy on their song “The Motherload” as it is filled with an insane amount of twerking. This rose the topic of what real music is. Many people didn’t agree with this and hated the twerking, but the real question is, what is the true meaning of the Mastodon music video?

chelsea grinChelsea Grin
Album: Ashes to Ashes
Release Date: July 8, 2014

Chelsea Grin is an American deathcore band signed to Artery Recordings. During their time as a band, they have released a total of two EP’S and three full-length albums which include the latest, Ashes to Ashes. This album is said to be  Chelsea Grin’s most elaborate composition up to date, with its very interesting symphonic melodies, dark ambience elements and dual guitar shredding.

Check out our coverage of Chelsea Grin supporting Suicide Silence and The Black Dahlia Murder at The Opera House on October 6th, 2014!

Judas Priest
Album: Redeemer of Souls
Release Date: July 11, 2014

From England is 1969 band Judas Priest who released their seventeenth studio album, Redeemer of Souls. They are quite known around the world for their twin lead guitars, wide vocal ranges and introducing leather and studs look into heavy metal. The widely recognized band has sold over 45 million albums worldwide!

© Christina Marchioni Photography 2013Volumes
Album: No Sleep
Release Date: July 15, 2014

Volumes are an American metalcore band from Los Angeles who was founded in 2009. They released their first EP in 2010, called The Concept of Dreaming and in 2014 released No Sleep. “Across the Bed” is definitely a tune that stands out, with its deep lyrics that catches the ear nicely leading to the hardcore, unique style of the band. They were also at Warped this year and brought a nice crowd to the stage.

Check out our full album review of Volume’s No Sleep!

darkest hour
Darkest Hour
Album: Darkest Hour
Release Date: August 5, 2014

Formed in 1995, from Washington D.C. is melodic death metal band Darkest Hour. They have been around for a while and have been known for a few of their many albums such as Undoing Ruin, Deliver Us, The Eternal Return, and most recently their self titled album.  This album is different from most of their previous material, as there are many more clean vocals than usual. It’s a masterpiece really.

Check out our coverage of Darkest Hour with Unearth at the Opera House on October 15th, 2014!

upon a burning body
Upon a Burning Body
Album: The World is My Enemy Now
Release Date: August 12, 2014

The Texas band released their most recent album, The World Is My Enemy Now. This is UABB’s third album with Sumerian Records. This band is known to be crazy and fun especially in one of my favourites, “Texas Blood Money.” The vocals sound great and guitars are heavy. We also cannot forget their public stunt early this year where they joked that Danny was abducted. It’s like the boy who cried wolf!

Check out our coverage from Upon a Burning Body supporting Emmure at the London Music Hall on May 25th, 2014!

Album: Pale Communion
Release Date: August 20, 2014

With Roadrunner Records, this is the eleventh studio album released by Opeth. This Swedish heavy metal band always has some sort of interesting twist to it. Sometimes their songs can be jazzy, some romantic-sounding, a mix of blues, folk and much, much more. This album was a nice mix of them all. It’s not often you find bands with a mix like this.

In Flames
Album: Siren Charms
Release Date: September 5, 2014

Since 1990 is Swedish metal band, In Flames. They have released a total of eleven studio albums, three EPs plus a live DVD. In 2008, they officially sold over 2 million records throughout the world. Siren Charms was released in the US via Sony Music Entertainment and is said to be much different than their older albums. It is nothing like the “vintage” In Flames which consisted of a “20th century” melodic death metal sound, but is still metal.

Cannibal Corpse
Album: A Skeletal Domain
Release Date: September 16, 2014

This band can be described in one word – brutal. The American death metal band, Cannibal Corpse, recently released their thirteenth studio album, produced at Audiohammer Studios by Mark Lewis. This album is purely dark, angry, gory and filled with brutal energy. It’s something you’d expect from Cannibal Corpse – something that only fans would understand.

Check out our coverage from Cannibal Corpse at Mayhem Fest in Toronto on July 25th, 2014!

slipknot cover
Album: The Gray Chapter
Release Date: October 15, 2014

.5: The Gray Chapter is the fifth major label studio album by American heavy metal band Slipknot. Earlier this year, there were a few complications. We were all wondering who would replace fired drummer Joey Jordison and who would fill take the place of the late Paul Grey. Slipknot quietly pulled something together and successfully created The Gray Chapter.  There were many mixed feelings about this album – many people thought they were changing their style too much, meanwhile some liked it. But at the end of the day it’s their music and they can compose it how they’d like. I personally enjoyed the album.

Check out our update on Slipknot’s masks, tour and new members!

suicide silence shotSuicide Silence
Album: You Can’t Stop Me
Release Date: July 14, 2014

You Can’t Stop Me is the fourth album by deathcore band Suicide Silence. It was released on July 14 by Nuclear Blast.  Two years ago was when late vocalist Mitch Lucker passed away in a motorcycle accident. Suicide Silence did continue as a band and had an addition of Eddie Hermida as their vocalist. The album topped the charts with the passion it took to compose. Their album featured George Fisher of Cannibal Corpse making a nice, brutal twist, as well as The Dillinger Escape Plan’s Greg Puciato in “Monster Within.”

Check out our interview with Suicide Silence’s Eddie Hermida!

rings of saturn
Rings of Saturn
Album: Lugal Ki En
Release Date: October 14, 2014

Lugal Ki En is the third album by American deathcore band Rings of Saturn released on October 14, 2014. This album was very creative and technical, like their usual material. The aliencore band definitely kicked ass with this album as they produced technical music with a fast-tempo, guitar sweeps and a harmonic effect with ambient elements… and ofcourse, lyrics that deal with space invasion and extraterrestrial life.

Check out our coverage from Rings of Saturn supporting As Blood Runs Black at the Hard Luck on November 8th, 2014!

aversions crownAversions Crown
Album: Tyrant
Release Date: November 24, 2014

Australian band Aversions Crown is another deathcore band, with three guitarists and their fancy eight string guitars. Their last album was released in 2011, after they formed in 2010. Tyrant consists of extraterrestrial encounters, nightmares, barrage and more cool stuff. The instrumental is also pretty damn insane. For those looking for new music, head straight to Aversions Crown cause this stuff is very original.

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