dark tranquility


Dark Tranquillity made their way to the Opera House on January 8, 2015. The Scandinavian band was joined by Finns Insomnium and Montreal’s Valfreya.

Raising out of Montreal’s power-folk metal scene Valfreya are determined -along with intense live performances, to get people and big labels  interested in the band. They did a great job even though the French Canadians are not the most original band out there. Towards the end they gave  swords to the crowd! These guys are all about the battles!

Though perhaps overshadowed by its showy neighbors in Sweden to the west. Finland legacy of dark and dreary old school extreme metal isn’t a secret. Finland’s own Insomnium brought their  sound which could easily be the soundtrack to their cold homeland. A cold, vast, endless sound yet very melodic.

The Finns have a great future in Canada and it seems like many in the crowd only went to the Opera House for them only! Dark Tranquillity singer Mikael Stanne didn’t join the band to sing Weather the Storm, which could of been a highlight.

Dark Tranquillity started in Gothenburg during 1991. The original lineup featured vocalist Anders Friden, Anders Jivarp (drums), Martin Henrikson (bass), Mikael Stanne (guitar/vocals), and Niklas Sundin (guitars).

However,  after the release of the album Skydance, Anders Friden left the band to join In Flames. Mikael became the band’s frontman of the band right after.

There was a large projection screen on the background showing the countdown before the show started. The crowd went bananas when the clock hit zero! It also showed guitarist Niklas Sundin’s artwork, the guitarist is also a graphic designer who is in charge of the band’s album covers.

Dark Tranquillity were welcomed like heroes. The Opera House show was almost sold out. Dark Tranquillity is finally getting attention they  deserve in North America. They’ve been around for like 30 years now!  The band has played shows all over the world including exotic places like Japan, South Korea, Turkey and Israel.

The fans got everything from  death and thrash metal riff to epic melodies, female and clean vocals. The band unleashed Damage Done  off their album of the same name, a classic album that is recognized everywhere, from their homeland to the rest of Europe to the USA, where it is considered one of the most influential album in the creation of melodic deathcore scene. The crowd approved the band’s electronics, and atmospheric moods. Their classic   Wonder At Your Feet was dedicated to Torontonian Rob Cranny. a good friend from  of the band who passed away at a young age. RIP Rab!

Another classic The Final Resistance made everyone who hadn’t discovered the Gothenburg-flavored death metal yet well pay attention while Misery’s Crown was an floor-shaker.  There are no more rules anymore. The band  go with what they got and blend it with what feels right. Furthermore, these Swedes have the ambition to play very technical stuff. They don’t limit themselves to their capacity. Awesome 90 minutes set.

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