Thursday January 15th, Silverstein’s first stop of the Discovering the Waterfront 10 Year Anniversary Tour was at London Music Hall in London, Ontario.

Brisk winter weather didn’t stop the fans from lining up outside to see a stellar show from Beartooth, Hands Like Houses, and of course, Silverstein.

Opening up the tour was My Iron Lung followed by Major League. Both bands put on a good performance while the crowd anticipated the following acts.

Once Beartooth took the stage, the crowd went wild. Beginning with “Beaten Lips” and playing some of their hits like “Relapsing”, “Body Bag”, “In Between”, “Keep Your American Dream“, and of course, “I Have A Problem”. By the end of the first song, the crowd was energized and moshing as it should be.  Despite being an opening band, these guys played with the intensity of a headliner.

Next up was Hands Like Houses. These guys travelled all the way from Australia to be apart of the lineup. Kicking off their set with old favourites from the album Ground Dweller followed by tracks like “Shapeshifters”, “Wisteria”, “No Parallels”, “Developments”, and of course “Introduced Species” from their latest album, Unimage. Although Hands Like Houses may not be as heavy as Beartooth, they still managed to get the crowd moving and singing along. At one point they let a fan jump on stage and sing along, it was awesome to see that kind of love for the fans!

The moment everyone was waiting for was the headlining band Silverstein. Since the release of Discovering the Waterfront back in ‘05, Silverstein have released 6 full-length studio albums. Silverstein have always been passionate about their music so it’s no surprise that they’ve developed such a loyal fan base. Silverstein put on an electric performance throughout the night. There wasn’t a moment the crowd settled down, especially during “Smile in Your Sleep”, “Discovering the Waterfront”, “My Heroine”, and “Call It Karma”, just to name a few.  It’s safe to say that by the screams of the crowded room singing along, this tour is going to be one you don’t want to miss. If you want to relive your high-school days, love emo/rock music and want to witness a great band live, make sure to catch Silverstein rock out on this tour, and keep an eye out for their upcoming album I Am Everything I Touch that is set to be release May 19 via New Damage Records.

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