like pacific promo
Photo by: Kurt Cuffy

Words by: Scott Cruickshank

Album: Like Pacific

Release Date: January 20th, 2015 via New Damage Records

Toronto Pop Punk favourites Like Pacific have had a fire burning since they first began as a band. With youth and passion on their sides they have led a path to being one of Toronto’s most popular Pop Punk acts. Most recently they have been more than deservingly signed by New Damage Records (Canada) and Pure Noise Records (Worldwide), and put out this self titled EP (purchase here).

“Sigh of Relief”, the album’s opening track wastes no time getting things going, packing a driving charisma that really sets the pace for the rest of the record. The rhythmic force of this song really brings back the sounds of skateboard wheels against the cracks in the sidewalk going downhill. Winding things up for the next song.

Track 3,”Clarity”, seems to showcase a good old pop punk lyrical beat down that is sure to get you singing on through the chorus every time. The musical and lyrical hooks this band throws down are staggering not only in this song but throughout the EP. Clarity screams of a harsh break up with new found strength and ideals, the true back bone of this album, and these guys do it with both fury and grace.

This album definitely has a huge recorded sound in its entirety; with great guitar tones (both clean and dirty) throughout, and a huge drum sound consistently sonically droning in the best way. Vocals are textured just the right amount as to not escape the raw confines of punk.

Like Pacific could not have written a better ending track for this EP than “Suffering”, a song that really takes you with it through all of its melodic contrast. The song encompasses everything we all love about pop punk music, the huge sounding guitars, forceful and propelling yet smooth vocals, and a driving drum sound, all smothered in the sing-a-long perils of growing up.

Overall Like Pacific’s self-titled EP was a monumental success for the band with a huge sound that accurately represents the bands live sound and energy. This being the bands first label release, one can only expect big things from these hardworking guys in the near future. The boys of Like Pacific are currently doing a US tour with dates including the likes of Brigades, Heart to Heart, and Vanna. You can catch them in Toronto at their EP Release Show with Safe To Say, Prophets, Cold Front & Rarity. Happening Friday, February 13th at the Hard Luck Bar.

Check out their new music video for “Eviction”:

Listen to “Sigh of Relief”:

Listen to “Suffering”:

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