The Frozen Flame Tour was more than a perfect name for the show, as January 30th was one of the coldest days for Toronto this winter. Thankfully the heavily talented bands ERRA,  Fit For A King, Miss May I, Northlane, and August Burns Red brought the heat with them to The Phoenix Concert Theatre for a more than memorable night.

With ERRAs popularity quickly gaining steam, Fit For A King was a good choice as the second opening band since their fan base has been growing just as rapidly. The heavy fan dedication was very apparent throughout Fit For A King’s set, as the crowd was going crazy for them. It’s very clear that Fit For A King heavily appreciate their fans, but despite the overwhelming support, Fit For A King were lacking showmanship. From the portion of the crowd who were already familiar with the band, the show seemed exciting, but for anyone unfamiliar with Fit For A King they were left disappointed and bored. Thankfully Fit For A King were able to wow even the most critical concert-goer when their lead vocalist held his last screaming note on “Warpath”  for what seemed like ages. Even if you weren’t blown away by their performance, their fan base was, and that is exactly who Fit For A King want to impress.

Third to the stage, was none other than Miss May I. Playing a mixture of songs that covered every album to date, it was an amazing performance for any Miss May I fan. Since releasing their popular, fan based, album Rise Of The Lion (find Dylan’s review here), Miss May I’s fan base has grown increasingly and it was more than noticeable that night. The older fans of Miss May I and their earlier work were given a treat when the band chose to finish off their set with ‘A Dance With Aera Cura  and Relentless Chaos. The best part of Miss May I’s performance however, was their ability to absolutely nail their setlist and make any hater have to reconsider listening to Miss May I.

Next up was Australia’s own Northlane. This Sydney based band has been making quite a splash in the metal community since their 2011 debut album Discoveries, and continues to gain popularity with their newest album Singularity. Unsurprisingly, Northlane played songs solely off of Singularity (which was recorded with former vocalist Adrian Fitipaldes) to introduce the crowd to their new vocalist Marcus Bridge, who joined the band in late 2014. In spite of the change in vocalist, Bridge effortlessly owned the stage and won over the crowd; any fan who had any doubt in their mind about Northlane’s future will no longer need to worry upon seeing them live. Northlane’s new vocalist kept the crowd enthralled and especially shined bright when they played their brand new and first song recorded with Bridge: “Rot”. Finishing off strong with “Masquerade”, Northlane left a memorable impression amongst new and old fans as the crowd chanted “ENCORE!” before they could even leave the stage.

Saving the best for last was the highly anticipated, and highly adored, August Burns Red. They opened up the night straight away with “White Washed  followed by the fan favorite song “Beauty In Tragedy”. The moment the drums started to play that song, the crowd went absolutely crazy.

The fans became a blur of color and instantly froze in place and began to sing along perfectly when the song slowed down for the interlude, and all that could be heard was a chorus of “I cant hear your voice, but thats okay cause I can feel you in my heart”.

Throughout “Beauty In Tragedy the guitars sounded distant in an almost angelic way while the lighting for the show was perfectly in time with the drumming, which made for the most perfect ambiance throughout August Burns Red’s entire performance.

After playing a perfect blend of songs from Constellations, their break through album, Messengers and their latest album, Rescue And Restore (Check out our album review here), August Burns Red brought it back to 2005 with “The Seventh Trumpet” off of their debut album, Thrill Seeker. This was more than nostalgic for fans that have been following the band since their conception, and the overwhelming excitement to get to hear August Burns Red play a song they had written for their first album when they were but teenagers filled the venue with electricity. The energy absolutely took control of the crowd as they made it loud and clear how welcome the band are to Toronto.

Not the kind of band to let their appreciation go unnoticed, August Burns Red ended their set with an epic drum solo following “Composure. With no one else on stage but Matt Greiner, he was left to drum alone before one by one the band returned on their own set of drums to finish off the solo. With the lights timed perfectly with the drumming, August Burns Red left nothing short of a memorable exit for their fans, before returning to the stage to an adamant crowd demanding an encore.

The fans wanted and encore, and an encore is what they received, when August Burns Red played not one song, but two. Gracing their loyal fans with tonights only two songs off of 2011s Leveler, August Burns Red finished their set with a bang, playing “Carpe Diem followed by “Empire. The venue was bursting with excitement until the final note rang through the air and the crowd started to file out. Leaving their army of fans with a most memorable night for the ages, August Burns Red delivered nothing short of what was expected of them, and Toronto will wait anxiously for them to return on another headlining tour; next time with a brand new album under their belt.

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Quantum Flux

August Burns Red

White Washed
Beauty in Tragedy
Thirty and Seven
Spirit Breaker
The Eleventh Hour
Up Against the Ropes
Marianas Trench
Back Burner
Fault Line
The Seventh Trumpet
Drum Solo


Carpe Diem






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