Machine Head made their way to the Phoenix Concert Theatre in Toronto on February 4th, for an intimate solo performance.

When this tour was announced in November, fans were in sheer disbelief that Machine Head were playing “An evening
with Machine Head” shows at such a tiny venues. A unique opportunity to see the band in such small places! A tour of the American band with no supporting acts what so ever is doing so well that the band might do these shows permanently.

They treated the crowd to a run through their almost 30 year career, playing at least one song off every album. Even “From This Day” off The Burning Red album, a song many fans would have never expected to be played! The California-based band took the stage promptly at 9:30 and launched into their longtime set opener “Imperium” from their 2003 record Through the Ashes of Empires. The band sounded simply pummeling as they were met with an ever increasing physical passion and aggressive adoration.

Their new single “Now We Die” off new album Bloodstone & Diamonds followed. The newer track would work perfect as a show opener with its symphonic intro. The thrashers have done so many different styles including; post-thrash, metal,rap, nu metal and even acoustic tracks.

“Game over” also from Bloodstone & Diamonds is becoming a fan favorite. The new album is as stonking and lyrically dubious as we’d all hoped. This is very much like when the student masters the art’scenario: the fresher, more innovative overtakes the older band. Although the Machine Head dudes are not really that young,the musicians have been playing music since your dad went to see them in the eighties. Let’s not forget singer/guitarist Robb Flynn was part of Forbidden (at the time called Forbidden Evil) and Vio-lence, which also featured lead guitarist Phil Demmel.

Apparently someone backstage informed Robb that UK gindcore legends Napalm Death were playing the the Opera House the same night. Then the leader of the band proceeded to reflect opening for them back in 1994 at that same venue! He mentioned the crowd were crossing their arms as they they played but after the 3rd song the rabid rockers embraced Machine Head. They then seduced the theater with “Bulldozer” off 2001’s album Supercharger. They exceed all expectations

“Aesthetic Of Hate”, a song Flynn wrote after he read an article bashing the late Pantera guitarist Dimebag 
(Diamond) Darrell, smaked the crowd in the face with the subtlety of a slab of concrete. A spirited take on “Halo” closed things on a high as the twin leads floored the crowd. Machine Head demonstrated yet again they’re hands down one of the best live bands currently on the circuit. Miss their next dates at your peril.

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