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On January 30 and 31, Arizona band  Eyes Set to Kill hit the Rockpile West Stage in Toronto.We got a chance to interview drummer Caleb Clifton and bassist Anissa Rodriguez, and learn about their latest album Masks, the process of losing and adding members, ups and downs as a band and much more.

As mentioned in the interview, Eyes Set to Kill does have a meaning behind their name which comes from a poem written by vocalist Alexia Rodriguez:

Also. check out our review and photos from the show!

Welcome to my mind, this is more than a thriller,
This is how it is through the eyes of a killer.
A sharpened knife set in my hand, I have my victim, I’ve made my plan.
Longing to see the glistening blood, I picture it running, bleeding a flood.
I’ll cause havoc in this peaceful village.
My mouth waters in the pictured image.
I stalk my victim and he becomes my pray.
Soon he will be ready to slay.
Following him as he turns the corner.
It’s a dream come true for a coroner.
 I smirk knowing this boy doesn’t stand a chance.
He turns his back and I slowly advance.
I creep up behind him without making a sound.
I’m ready to get fucking freaky now.
He jumps in surprise when he sees my knife gleam.
I commit my sin and laugh as he screams.
I watch him fall limp and his blood spills to the floor.
 It looks so beautiful but I still want more.
I rip and I slash and my eyes turn red.
One more ghostly scream and then he is dead.
An innocent boy lays cold on the ground.
I am his killer and I am proud.
But don’t you dare judge me until you know how it feels,
For I am the murderer, with eyes set to kill.

Watch our interview in it’s entirety:

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