On Friday February 27th, 2015; The Smiling Buddha was hit with some heavy tunes from SycAmour’s US and Canada Tour with support from Brightwell and at this particular stop the locals included; Cadence Calling, The Parallel, Loyalist, and MTH.

The first band we managed to catch were Loyalist whose powerful 8 string-contributed sound brought the chugging breakdowns and heavy tones. Loyalist managed to suck the slowly growing crowd into their performance and had many singing along to their unique cover of My Chemical Romance’s “Ghost of You”. The last time we caught these guys was over a year ago when they opened for Sworn In, and they have definitely matured and stepped it up since then, proving that they are to be looked out for in the near future!

Up next were The Parallel; their energy and enthusiasm were through the roof- to the point where they forgot they were sharing the stage with each other as they continuously bumped into one another. Their sound was tight and enthusiasm got the job done as the crowd got into what they had to offer.

By this point, gear change-overs felt like centuries as the show slowly fell further and further behind- none the less, the crowd still seemed excited as Cadence Calling took to the stage an hour behind schedule. Cadence Calling brought strong vocals and a solid stage presence, even with a back-tracked bass player. Seeing as it was their Metamorphosis CD release show, fans were vibing the same energy and excitement that the band had for their new music.

After set times fell further behind, the time came came for Brightwell (ex. Attack Attack!, For The Fallen Dreams) to take over. This Michigan based four-piece brought their big and heavy sound, matched with perfect harmonizing clean vocals. Although a big chunk of the crowd had dissipated by the time they took the stage, the ones who remained were drawn right in and stoked about what they were hearing.

Finally, after things managed to fall over 2 hours behind, the time came for SycAmour to take the stage just after 1am. If you live in or outside of Toronto, you know that the last GO trains depart at midnight and free parking on the street ends at the same time, so sadly the Cinderellas of the crowd didn’t get the chance to stick around. Regardless, the dudes of SycAmour didn’t let the lack of audience or missing members (clean vocals, drums, guitar) discourage them as they appeared to give it their all with last minute fill-in members. Playing a brief 4 track set including “Brakes” and “Calm Down Juliet”, they proved themselves capable of standing behind their cunning song writing capabilities. Check out our review of their latest release Indulgence: a Saga of Lights!

All in all, this show brought forth some deserving local talent- of course we would have loved to see things run more timely, but fortunately the lack of crowd didn’t effect the quality of music. As for SycAmour and Brightwell, we hope to see these guys back in Toronto and at a bigger venue, because they definitely have what it takes! Till next time.






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