CONCERT COVERAGE: FAITH NO MORE | Sony Centre for Performing Arts




Faith No More fans in Canada lost their minds when the legendary band finally announced their Toronto show (May 9) at the Sony Centre with support from Le Butcherettes.  After reuniting in 2009 the San Francisco-based band did shows only in Europe, South America and Australia. They played one or two shows in the USA. Canada was completely ignored. However, Canadian fans had a little faith. They looked surprised after entering the venue, which has seats. I was already imagining metal-heads ripping those seats!

Warming up to some dramatic Italian music, the perfect vibe for a place like the Sony Centre, before these misfits appeared on stage, is a tradition that tells the fans when the band is about to play. Then… BOOM! It was time for Faith No More to play their first Toronto show in almost two decades! The band members were dressed all in white.  I mean… Even the crew members were dressed all in white! Hundreds of flowers filled the stage. I have never seen that many flowers on stage. It looked like a church!

Faith No More’s Album Of The Year line-up includes Mike Patton (vocals), Billy Gould (bass), John Hudson (guitar), Roddy Bottum (keys) and Mike Bordin (drums).  The band tried to bring back original guitar player Jim Martin, who left the band in 1993 when things didn’t work out with the legendary guitarist. Will Faith fans miss Jim Martin after seeing John Hudson rip it on stage? Only time will tell.

The band kicked things off with “Motherfucker”, a song which surprised most fans as they didn’t take the tune seriously until; of course, they saw the band perform it! The studio version of the song  is kind of an interlude. However, the songs tell a story live. It’s hypnotizing and Roddy got to shine on this one. Is “Motherfucker” really about the band members trying to get on the phone with ex guitarplayer Jim Martin? I guess we will never know.

“Land of sunshine” and “Caffeine” off Angel Dust demonstrated an insatiable hunger to reclaim the title that is rightfully theirs. Their lethal mixture of dense riff, hip hop and funk went for the throat while newer tunes like “Superhero” off their new album Soul Invictus  could be the jewel of Patton’s well-endowed crown! The album comes out on May 18.

Trying to peg down polymath Mike Patton is nearly impossible. He is as into acting, film composing and producing as he is in music, but Torontonians love him best when he’s performing with Faith No More. The vocalist could scream all day. Also, just one or two octaves below Patton’s madness, bassplayer Billy Gould was ripping up the lower register of the tunes with his powerful bass assault.

The seats, however, paralyzed the crowd.  The crowd was dying to jump, mosh and crowd surf. At one point a few die hard fans went to the front row to enjoy the show to the fullest. They were having a blast until a moshpit erupted, that’s when all the fired-up fans got sent back to their seats by security, killing the vibe. Also the cult classics from the band’s first two albums like “We Care A Lot” were missed.  Play these songs, Faith, because we care a lot!

Faith No More will be back at the Ricoh Coliseum on August 7th with punk legends, Refused! (Tickets are available here).

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