Bestival 2015! June 12th and 13th, this UK originated music festival graced the Toronto island, bringing artists, bands and DJs together in a curated lineup to please every single attendee.

This is a music festival like none other, with four stages for performers and DJs to play for massive live audiences and even a secluded area on the beach for some laid-back vibes to relax from all the dancing. Along with this, as if the nonstop music wasn’t enough, there were dancers, tents for thrift shopping, a knitting station, hammocks, mermaids, face-painting tents, and a costume parade! All accompanied by a beautiful view of the city!

Day one kicked off with a variety of artists such as Jamie xx, Pusher, Magic Man, Wavves, Clean Bandit, Flosstradamus, Flume, and Florence & The Machine! There was a performance for every musical taste, allowing for raves, calm dances, moshing, and soulful sing-alongs all in one place!

Regardless of the stubborn downpour, Bestival continued on without missing a beat. The crowd remained excited and full of energy all day, stopping only for brief pizza breaks and to attempt to catch as many performances as possible.

Day two rolled around with just as much excitement, and sunshine too! Tops, Born Ruffians, Rudimental, Cashmere Cat, Justin James, and Samson are only a small fraction of some of the artists and bands that opened the second day of Bestival. This was also the day of the highly anticipated costume festival! Meaning that everyone came dressed in a very… unique way! Showing off their own personal styles in the proudest ways possible. Note: Along with the cool costumes, it seemed Toronto got the memo that BESTIVAL IS OUR COACHELLA! Meaning, I had never seen so many flower crowns and metallic tattoos in my life! Everyone looked ready for summer 2015 in the most Coachella-inspired way. The festival closed with energy packed performances by Banks, Caribou, Nas, Zhu, Robin Schulz, Jamie Jones, and Matoma! (Just to name a few!)

Fans certainly cannot wait for Bestival next year! (Fingers crossed!) What a perfect way to start off summer of 2015!

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