Words/ Editor: Alexia Kapralos

Photography: Hayley Hasessian

Sunday Sept. 13, 2015 was no ordinary Sunday for fans of Twenty One Pilots. The band brought their Blurryface Tour to Toronto’s Sound Academy, featuring Finish Ticket and Echosmith who opened up the show. Three touring bands definitely meant three times the fun for this show.

The demographic of concert-goers appeared to be diverse. Although there were an overwhelming amount of teenage girls present, there were also an abundance of lovey-dovey couples, a group of self-identifying 30-year-old party people, and even families (a family that attends concerts together, stays together apparently). The crowed was definitely diverse.

Finish Ticket took to the stage first, priming the audience’s palette for a night filled with music. This band hails from San Fransisco, and said on stage that this was their first time in Toronto. They had a lot of energy while playing on stage; they were bouncing around, jumping, shaking their heads all around, and clearly getting well over their daily dose of recommended excise. The audience was clearly feeding off Finish Ticket’s energy because they we’re jumping around and bobbing their heads along to the music; I even caught myself swaying to the beat.

At one point they decided to play a slower song, telling the audience that this is the first slow song they’ve played all tour long and that we’re the “guinea pigs.” Well, their experiment was successful because it was followed by cheering and was clearly well-received by the crowd. The band concluded their set with “Bringing the Rain,” which they described as angry, but emotional-angry, not aggressive angry.

My only complaint was that their set felt too short!

Following Finish Ticket was EchosmithEchnosmith is a band entirely comprised by siblings – the Sierota’s. They’re like the Partridge Family, only cooler. They had huge light-up lettering as their stage backdrop spelling out “Echosmith,” which flashed before the band took to the stage. Echosmith started their set off strong with their song “Let’s Love.” This song was followed by “Talking Dreams” where vocalist Sydney Sierota spun around a pretty paper umbrella. She also knew how to rile up the crowd because when she yelled, “Who’s excited by life?” The crowd went wild in response.

Echosmith also performed their hit song “Bright” midway through their set. Three of the four members huddled around an old bilateral microphone during “Bright” midway through the song and did a bit of it a capella. During this time, a young lady next to me rudely shouted, “I don’t like your band,” which was really upsetting and totally against proper concert etiquette. The positive about this was she was the only one to throw rude comments out at the band because everyone else in the room had smiles on their faces. The band also covered 80’s hit, “I Melt With You.”

Of course, Echosmith ended with one of their most popular hits entitled “Cool Kids.” This song has a positive message telling people that they are never alone in a bad situation, and that they are loved. Sierota’s voice sounded impeccable throughout the entire set; she really showed how strong her voice is and the power it has. After the performance was over, Sydney Sierota let the crowd know that the band was making themselves available for a meet and greet at the merch table. This brought out their humble side because as a band that’s on their way to blowing up massively, they still made time for their fans.

Now is the moment you’ve been waiting for – Twenty One Pilots. This headlining duo entered the staged masked, in a foggy haze of red lighting. A lone microphone was suspended from the ceiling and that’s when vocalist Tyler Joseph grabbed it and started rapping into it. Josh Dun was going to town on the drums, hitting fast and hard. This opening song was entitled “HeavyDirtySoul.” As someone who’s never really listened to this band before, my mind was already blown, especially at the presence they maintained on stage; they’ve already gained a new fan at this point in the show.

The duo unmasked during their second song and stayed this way for the rest of the night. As far as quirkiness goes, I even noticed the drum kit was patterned with alien faces all over. These instances showed that Twenty One Pilots definitely has a quirky side.

During “We Don’t Believe What’s On T.V.,” Josh Dun got off his drum throne and played the trumpet. But he’s not the only mult-instrumentally talented member; Tyler Joseph played the piano during some songs as well where it was required. Twenty One Pilots played a lot music off their latest release, Blurryfacebut also played some older favourites like “Forest,” “Car Radio,” and “Guns For Hands.”

All in all, I thought this show was fantastic and I was thoroughly impressed. It’s rare for me to find that every single act on the bill for the night was flawless, but on this night, I thought they all were. When Finish TicketEchosmith, or Twenty One Pilots come back to Toronto, I definitely recommend that you catch their show.


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