bless the fall album

Words By: Dylan McAteer

Released: September 18, 2015 via Fearless Records

Arizona natives Blessthefall are set to release their fifth studio album titled To Those Left Behind. After their 2013 release of Hollow Bodies, the bar was set high. I think it’s safe to say they did more than just hit the bar.

To Those Left Behind is one of my favourite releases of 2015, with a healthy balance of song pace and style. Personally, I tend towards their heavy hitters every album and they don’t disappoint. What’s really cool about this album is that they’ve really pushed themselves musically to a new level. Nothing seems out of place and their lighter songs are just as catchy as the heavy stuff.

Although you could listen to each track on its own, the record runs like a story from front to back. I’d fully recommend you make time to listen to it as a whole to get the full weight of it. Love, betrayal and revenge are the core themes of the story for people going through things in their personal life.

“To Those Left Behind” is the perfect example of the lyrical growth with a great melody. I find this to be their best album as far as melodies go. The songs flow together seamlessly with each piece of every song holding its own on the record as a whole. It just jives well with the ear the whole way through.

The album starts off with “Decayer”, a great tone setter for the entire album hitting the exact centre of their style. The eerie entrance revs up to an action-packed tune with some sweet guitar work from Lambert and Gruenberg. This is a phenomenal start to a great track list.

“Walk On Water” is one of the best tracks on the record. With a furiously heavy start delving into some soothing melodies, this is a well-balanced track. I think it stands out lyrically from the rest and is quite powerful. They put their evolution on display in every aspect from lyrics to instrumentals. Instrumentally, this song is a sweet showcase of drum fills and guitar riffs. The pace, like the entire album, always feels fresh and lively. You can really see their development over the years and the progression to releasing arguably their best work to date.

Kind of an interesting side note at the end of the record as it tails out they’ve added this creepy sounding door open and close. A rather symbolic end to a story of raw feelings and emotions.

This group is constantly evolving on the way to mastering their craft and I think that can clearly be seen in this work. As terrific as this record is, it serves as just a taste to what would be a crazy live performance. Speaking of concerts, Blessthefall currently don’t have any Canadian dates set. I wouldn’t worry as they never leave Canada out and will likely be here in early 2016.

Also, check out our interview with BlessTheFall’s Beau Bokan.

Track list:

  1. Decayer
  2. Walk On Water
  3. Dead Air
  4. Up In Flames
  5. Against The Waves
  6. Looking Down From The Edge
  7. Keep What We Love
  8. Burn The Rest
  9. Oathbreaker
  10. To Those Left Behind
  11. Departures

Listen to “Walk On Water”:

Listen to “Against the Waves”:

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