Alexia Kapralos | The Heavy Press |October 22, 2015 | Danforth Music Hall, Toronto | Do not crop or modify these images | Do not use without permission

Photography/ Words: Alexia Kapralos

Mayday Parade hit Toronto’s Danforth Music Hall with Real Friends, This Wild Life, and As It Is on Friday October 23, 2015. This was definitely a show you wanted to attend if you’re a pop-punk music fan.

The first act to take the stage was As It Is. This band hails all the way from England, having just released their first full-length studio album earlier this year. Their performance kicked off the night and got the audience into a lively concert spirit.

Acoustic duo This Wild Life took the stage next. With the warm strums of acoustic guitars and the cheekiness of pop-punk music, the room was captivated. They played songs including “Ripped Away,” “Concrete,” and “Puppy Love.”

These first two acts were both very entertaining.

Next, Real Friends had their turn up on stage. They entered the stage full-energy, performing “Cover You Up.” The crowd couldn’t stop screaming. After the first few songs, vocalist Dan Lambton was clearly melting from jumping all around stage, and peeled off his sweatshirt, revealing a Nintendo 64 t-shirt. During the beginning of their set, Lambton told the crowd to wave their hands in the air “like they’re in the ocean,” which incited some giggles.Songs they played included “I’m Giving Up On You,” “Sixteen,” “Lost Boy,” and “Summer” (serving as the concluding tune).

Finally, the headliners took the stage – Mayday Parade. They opened up strong with “One of Them Will Destroy The Other,” which features Real Friends vocalist Dan Lambton. Of course, what better opportunity to play the song when touring together! So he joined Mayday Parade on stage to perform his vocal part during the song. There was good chemistry between both vocalists in this song because of existing friendship (aside from professional collaboration).

There were flashing lights all over the stage. The light design was a show in itself with an array of colours, almost like a painting. There were rich blues, reds, and purples, and stark white lights illuminating the band throughout their performance. It looked like the set of a real cool music video.

Mayday Parade also performed other songs including “When You See My Friends,” “Jamie All Over,” “Stay,” “Oh Well Oh Well,” and “Jersey” just to name a few. Many of these songs that they played were off their latest album (released earlier this month) called Black Lines. All in all it was a successful set. It was very enjoyable and the band looked like they were having fun, which added to my personal enjoyment as a viewer (and probably to many others too).

Real Friends

Mayday Parade

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