CONCERT COVERAGE: THE DARKNESS | The Phoenix Concert Theatre

Words by: Adam R. Harrison

Photography by: Adam R. Harrison

Toronto’s Phoenix Concert Theatre got a little glamorous on Friday night. Hard rock glamorous that is, as Britain own, The Darkness were in town for their Blast of Our Kind Tour in support of their latest album Last of Our Kind.

Front man, Justin Hawkins, was in fine shape, now at the age of 40, his energy, spunk and wailing vocals still very much in tact. His look however has very much changed. The long greasy hair and pirate beard are gone and a mouthful of braces present to treat that classic English smile. His younger brother and guitarist, Dan Dawkins however could very easily be mistaken for Justin’s debut look in 2003. The band has also recruited a new drummer, Rufus Tiger Taylor, the son of legendary Queen drummer Roger Taylor.

The Darkness’ impressive two-hour set was full of songs new and old, spanning their four albums and twelve years. The new material has a classic Darkness feel with some heavy riffs and shrieking vocal chords, which went over well with the fans. But it was songs fro their iconic millennial debut album that still inspired the most boisterous reactions. Songs like “Love is Only a Feeling,” “Growing On Me,” and of course “I Believe in a Thing Called Love,” had couples and bros alike swaying, arms inked and singing along. Hawkins himself made his way into the crowd a couple times. One time on the shoulders of a security guard while he ripped a guitar solo behind his head during the finale of “Love On The Rock With No Ice.”

Don’t call them a one-hit wonder. The Darkness is still very much alive and producing electrifying new material along with kick ass rock n’ roll shows!

The Darkness

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