Words/Photography By: Raven Benwait

October is a great season for enjoying the leaves new colours, spooky Halloween films, pumpkin spice doughnuts from Tim Hortons and most importantly, live music! Each year Toronto concerts in the month of October are booming. On Sunday, October 25, bands Yellowcard, New Found Glory and Tigers Jaw hit The Danforth Music Hall stage, bringing fans a night full of Pop Punk.

I caught Yellowcard on stage first, who were surrounded with loads and loads of couples, mainly teenagers and young adults cuddled infront of the stage. The Florida band began their set with “Breathing” leading to “Way Away,” both from their famous 2003 album Ocean Avenue. The crowd was very calm, singing along with vocalist Ryan Key who was enthusiastically bringing energy to the stage. Yellowcard continued with “With You Around,” “Lights and Sounds” as well as “For You, And Your Denial.” Girls were screaming once violinist Sean Mackin arrived on stage playing beautifully and precisely as always. What makes Yellowcard different from other bands is the uniqueness of the violin which adds a nice touch to the bands style.

Yellowcard also played “Lift a Sail” a hit from their newest album. Something I noticed when watching Yellowcard for the third time in my life was that the crowd vibe is so different from the band vibe. When I say this, I mean that I expect some more crowd surfing, at least a little bit of moshing and overall more energy from the fans. Yellowcard asked for a mosh-pit back at Warped 2014, so about six of us started one, but there were many angry surrounding fans, which kills the Punk spirit a little. The most energy I witnessed during the Yellowcard set was a physical fight between three girls, where vocalist Ryan Key called out the fighters.

Emotions arose when Yellowcard played “Light Up the Sky,” followed by “Always Summer” and “Rough Landing, Holly.” They also mentioned that it feels amazing to continue being in this band for so many years. It is impressive to see that Yellowcard has been together since 1997.

“Empty Apartment” is another great one that many sang along to. Something I like about Yellowcard’s stage presence is that they constantly engage the audience in their music, so that we can all get the chance to sing along with them.

A definite crowd favourite was “Only One,” especially for all the couples who attended that show. People were singing the line “You are my only one” with so much passion. It was quite cheesy, but it was nice to see the room filled with love. They closed their set with “Ocean Avenue,” which is a well known track from the early 2000’s. People were singing with so much happiness as the band was jumping around with a happy and excited vibe. Overall, Yellowcard played a great set, with a good energy level, although I do wish the crowd could have been rowdier.

Last to hit the stage were the legendary Pop Punk dudes of New Found Glory. They instantly jumped on stage, opening their set with “Understatement.” 15 seconds into their set, someone tossed a full beer at the stage. Why? – We will never know this. Without any hesitation, New Found Glory continued on with their set, playing “Hit or Miss” all the way back from 1999. Teenagers, young adults and even adults were screaming along as vocalist Jordan Pundik jumped into the crowd and screamed lyrics with everyone. Pundik really knows how to keep energy levels high. Fans were crowd surfing so much as New Found Glory continued their set with “Sonny,” “Selfless” and a fan favourite – “All Downhill from Here.”

Something I loved about this crowd in comparison with Yellowcard was that people were so much more energetic. They were screaming lyrics and were not afraid to start a mosh-pit. People were not afraid to surf the crowd. The love and respect with this crowd was fantastic. If one wanted to crowd surf, people help him or her up, and would make sure no one would fall. Being someone who goes to concerts very often, this was beautiful to see!

New Found Glory continued with “Don’t Let Her Pull You Down” and also a Celine Dion cover of “My Heart Will Go On.” Something awesome they did was calling up a young boy they noticed was singing every song. The guitarist asked him to pick any song he wanted and they would play it on stage. They continued with the young boy singing on stage with them – definitely a dream come true for him!

New Found Glory played “Head on Collision” from Sticks and Stones and a new one “Ready and Willing” from their 2014 album Resurrection. When they played “Truth of My Youth” I had some thoughts about this band. I think I speak for many people when I say wow… these guys have aged. I remember the good old early 2000’s when New Found Glory was pretty new to the Punk world and were so energetic and youthful. What’s amazing is that this has not changed! Ofcourse, you could tell by their faces that they have definitely aged, but the energy and passion on that stage brought some great, warm memories.

To end off their 18 song set, they played “My Friends Over You,” which was a “must hear” tune back in 2002. The crowd was excited, as confetti was shooting out at fans. The show ended off with a bang and people walked out with lots of excitement and happiness.


New Found Glory

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