Words by Raven Benwait

October is a month full of great live musical acts. One of these musical acts is a 100% DIY Hardcore Punk Festival which takes place October 22 to 25 by Not Dead Yet. This festival features four days of some of the best hardcore and Punk in Toronto. We attended Not Dead Yet #8 on October 24 which featured Demolition, S.M., Angel Dust, Give, Alex G and headliners Title Fight.

On this chilly Fall night, The Horseshoe Tavern was jam packed with fans enjoying some beer and friendly company. We caught Alex G, a young American musician who brought a band to assist him for the night. Their music began very slowly and mellow; sounded a little to the Indie. As they played Alex G’s music, it began to grow into a more Punk Rock sound, as the guitar had some more distortion and the vocals grew louder.

The crowd did not seem to know much about Alex G, but you could tell the crowd was enjoying the slow, chilled out tunes. Alex G’s lyrics relate to many personal experiences touching on topics such as the world, friends, drug use, loneliness, affection and more. Some songs that were a part of his set included “After Ur Gone,” which is filled with sweet rhythms. “Hollow” is a more distorted tune that was played by the band.

Next it was time for the headliners to hit The Horseshoe Tavern stage. Title Fight walked onto the stage with a chill, mellow vibe. To our surprise they opened with so much energy and excitement! Their set began with supporting their most recent album Hyperview.

Title Fight fans were most excited when the band began to play some tunes from their hit album Floral Green. “Like a Ritual,” “Leaf,” “Numb, but I Still Feel it” and “Make You Cry,” were all songs that built the insanity of the night. I was definitely surprised by the amount of fans that attended the show. There were quite a few hardcore fans, all screaming the lyrics together.

Title Fight’s concerts are the more intimate kind of shows. There is always a mosh-pit, infact the mosh-pit takes up most of the floor space. There are also always stage divers and loads of crowd surfing, but not like most concerts; these will occur every 5 seconds. Infact, I stage dived and within two seconds someone stage dived right after and then a third flew off the stage right after.  It’s obvious how that one ended up – a huge sandwich of fans crushed on the ground! Of course, it was totally worth the experience.

Each member contributed to an energetic performance – Shane Morgan with his clean 6-string guitar tones accompanied with Ben Russin’s spot on drum beats, along with his brother Ned Russin’s vocals with Jamie Rhoden which meshed perfectly together.

As usual, Title Fight closed with an older one called “Secret Society.” During this final song, the rebellious Punk rockers lost their heads and went wild. All I can say is thank goodness there was no security. Title Fight left the stage with huge cheers from the crowd.

I find that The Horseshoe Tavern was the perfect venue choice for this show because Title Fight and all other types of Punk rock bands are filled with excitement, a whole lot of energy and stage dives. The Horseshoe Tavern had a short stage and lots of room for us to stage dive and engage with the band, which is how a Punk Rock show should always be.

Title Fight Set-List:

Rose of Sharon

Numb, But I Still Feel It




Trace Me onto You



Crescent-Shaped Depression

Liar’s Love

In Between





Make You Cry

You Can’t Say Kingston Doesn’t Love You

Head in the Ceiling Fan

Secret Society

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