Words/ Photography by: Jeanette LeBlanc

“Ajax needs more of this!” was repeated throughout the night as hard rockers and local music supporters all throughout the Durham Region gathered at the Top Shelf in Ajax. On Saturday November 21st, 2015 The Heavy Press Presented: Polarity w/ Goodnight Seattle, This! Is a Crisis, BluCore & Sight By City. We decided it was about time we threw a party outside of Toronto, and judging by the success and passion that we felt throughout the venue, it won’t be the last time.

The first band to take over was Sight By City from Pickering. You never would have known this was one of their first shows as they played a tight and energetic set. The Top Shelf hit capacity before they even finished their performance… This foreshadowed the epic night we had ahead of us.

Up next it was time for Pickering’s BluCore to play their first show in 2 years! The crowd instantly headbanged along to their powerful rock-metal sound and was serenaded by heavy hitting beats and guitar shreds. Talks of the band reuniting permanently flew around, and if we don’t see it happen we will be pretty dissapointed! They even played a highly deserved encore.

By the time This Is a Crisis took over, the high levels of energy met the fullness of the venue. Within seconds the crowd was moshing and vocalist Brett Lavender took full advantage of what space remained in the venue as he hopped on top of tables and jumped through the crowd. Their powerful sound was met with equally as powerful vocals from the crowd as they got nostalgic with their cover of Alexisonfire’s “Accidents”.

As it came time for Goodnight, Seattle; everyone was amped and cheering them on stage. These hometown rockers brought their unique hard-hitting sound to the house while keeping the energy up.

Finally, Ajax welcomed Toronto West ender’s Polarity to town for their first time. The crowd helped the band pop their small town cherry with a heavy-banger! Vocalist Jasmine Virginia gave it her all as she interacted with every single person in the still crowded venue. The band performed a majority of their new songs that have yet to be released, which brought us high anticipations for their upcoming album.

All in all, we were proud to have been involved with these bands and the beautiful town of Ajax. It’s safe to say everyone woke up craving Advil, and we couldn’t have asked for a better night! We also couldn’t have done it without the help of Legend Music Services Inc.

Sight By City


This Is a Crisis

Goodnight, Seattle


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