Photography By: Christina Marchioni

Words By: Dylan McAteer

Not a lot of bands get the opportunity to celebrate a 10th anniversary tour for an album. Whitby natives Protest The Hero got huge demand for them to play Kezia from front to back and thought “why the frig not?”.

Why the frig not indeed, Kezia has received incredible praise from the community with a five star rating. What’s even more remarkable is the band members were in their late teens when they wrote the album. A product well beyond their time as a band that more or less shaped their future.

Getting to see this concept album performed, in the order it was intended to be heard, was something else. Following the central characters journey live was an unforgettable experience. Though lets be honest, you’re watching Protest The Hero, who are legendary performers. The Canadian legends know how to put on a show to say the least. In fact, I challenge you to go out and find a better show because these guys have it all.

This was an unusual show in another way though, because it only had two bands on the bill! As they have in the past, they toured the country with Guelph based Mandroid Echostar. The six-piece progressive metal band rocked the stage playing a great deal of their first full-length album Citadels. It feels like they’ve been sitting on this great album for a while though and they let some info slip. They played a brand new song off of their upcoming album, which has been in the works for quite sometime. Apparently, they will be releasing a new album in early 2016.

Once Mandroid wrapped up, it was time for Protest to take the stage in London. A place they’ve played many of times in the past. As I said, they came out and crushed Kezia with the treat of bringing back the bands original members. Moe and Arif took the stage for a real nostalgic feeling for all of the longtime followers of the band. In fact, a couple fans threw some original concert posters from the bands earliest appearances in London.

Once they concluded Kezia, they had a little time leftover to play a handful of tracks of their other albums. They even played the awesome tribute song “Mist” off of their album Volition. A song that shows the bands deep love for New Foundland and makes you love that they’re Canadian.

The tour had to open up some bonus shows in Toronto, which all sold out. Stretching from Vancouver to Halifax, the Kezia X Tour was a huge success and one you will never forget. They are just about the only band that always makes an effort to hit up our entire country and we love them for it.

Also check out our coverage from the sold-out Toronto show, here!

Mandroid Echostar

Protest The Hero


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