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Photography by: Jason Hodgins

Words by: Alison Seroude

Once again, Between The Buried And Me destroyed another performance in Toronto on Thursday December 10th, 2015. Headlining the Coma Ecliptic Tour at The Danforth Music Hall, BTBAM brought along Intronaut and Enslaved to open up the night with their demanding stage presence. Our hometown heroes, Earths Yellow Sun, opened up the tour for the night in place of Native Construct, who were unable to attend the show due to heir equipment and passports being stolen.

Hailing from Los Angeles, Intronaut were the first band of the night that the crowd was anticipating. Playing only four songs, their performance mirrored those previous of Between The Buried And Me by sounding just like they do on record, and maintaining a 30 minute setlist. Intronaut played songs solely off of their new album, The Direction Of Last Things, opening with “Fast Worms” and Digital Gerrymandering”. Intronaut then took a break from the meticulous-to-play music to chat with the crowd before finishing off their set with “City Hymnal” and Sul Ponticello“; playing the final songs as perfectly as the openers.

Following such a precise act, were Norwegian black metal band, Enslaved. Enslaved walked out onto the stage, each with hair as long as the last, and their presence demanded everyones attention. Enslaved began their metal career 24 years ago, which is why it is no surprise the entire crowd went ballistic for them. From their long hair, nordic metal, accents, and humor it couldn’t have been more obvious that Between The Buried And Me knew everyone would enjoy Enslaved. They played a lengthy setlist, covering songs from their albums RIITIIR, Ruun, and Vertebrae. Enslaved only played one song off of their newest album, In Times, opting to play more songs off of Vertebrae and finishing off their show with the oldest song off their setlist: “Convoys To Nothingness”.

Right as the clock hit 9:30, Between The Buried And Me stormed the stage to rightfully steal the show. Opening with “The Coma Machine“, the crowd instantly went wild whilst numerous stills of the song’s music video played on a loop in the background. BTBAM played their setlist with ease despite the tedious technicality they’re known for implementing in their music. They played perfectly and effortlessly through every song, giving the impression you might just be listening to their CD; this is a feat most artists cannot accomplish, yet Between The Buried And Me has this so perfected it is now expected of them.

Fan favorite songs such as Sun of Nothing” and Fossil Genera (A Feed From Cloud Mountain) were performed so on point, that the fans in the crowd couldn’t help but throw down and shout the lyrics from the tops of their lungs like they would at home alone. The Danforth Music Hall also proved to be the perfect venue for The Coma Ecliptic Tour. The Danforth provided great acoustics to allow for a perfect performance, and the venue allotted more than enough space for the fans, merch tables, and bars which created the perfect breeding grounds for an overall flawless show in terms of sound and crowd energy.

The mighty Between The Buried And Me then graced the overzealous crowd with a 20 minute long encore. The closing songs off of The Parallax II, “Silent Flight Parliament” and “Goodbye To Everything Reprise”, were chosen as the perfect finish. Mimicking the night with a heavy start, “Silent Flight Parliament” bled into its reprise as smoothly as on the album and left the crowd with a sense of nostalgia for previous BTBAM performances as the last three minutes of the night slowly came to an end, wrapping up the tour immaculately.

The bands, the set-lists’, and the perfect choice of venue makes several words come to mind, but if you had to choose one it’d be “superb”. The Coma Ecliptic Tour was certainly worth the $40 admission, and was a night to be remembered by every metal-head in the room.

Between The Buried And Me… you’re absolutely crazy and Toronto cannot wait to see you boys play again!


Fusion of Sense and Earth

Death in the Eyes of Dawn

Building With Fire


The Watcher

Convoys to Nothingness


The Coma Machine

Informal Gluttony

Sun of Nothing

Backwards Marathon

Turn on the Darkness

The Ectopic Stroll

Fossil Genera (A Feed From Cloud Mountain)


Silent Flight Parliament

Goodbye To Everything Reprise




Between The Buried & Me

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