NECK DEEP by Joshua Halling 2.jpg
Photo by: Joshua Halling

Featuring: Ben Barlow (Vocals)

Interview By: Alexia Kapralos

With Neck Deep hitting Toronto on February 11th with support from State Champs, Knuckle Puck & Like Pacific; we wanted to ask the band a few questions on what they’ve been up to recently and what their year ahead looks like!

Q. First of all, we’ve got to ask, in Neck Deep’s opinion, why is pizza so pop-punk?!

A. I’m not sure why. It just got made to be this big thing. I think just because it’s easy, it’s sleazy, you can share it and it’s pretty good to share. If you don’t like pizza you’re crazy. I think that’s just a general thing though, I don’t know why it got attached to pop punk for but still.

Q.  It’s amazing to see you guys have made it all around the world. How’s the current tour leg in Asia going? Any wild adventures?

A. It was amazing to get to travel to those places and play shows. The shows were way bigger than we expected and we got to see some really interesting and eye opening things. The culture is just so different, but in a great way. Japan was my particular favourite. We didn’t get up to anything wild as such, we just explored a bunch.

Q. Asia seems like a whole other world compared to North America. How would you compare their pop-punk scene to ours?

A. It’s definitely not as well supported but it’s still healthy. The shows were huge, 500 kids in Manila I think, a few hundred in both Kuala Lumpur and Singapore. More bands should go out there, it’s definitely worth the trip.

Q. How have things changed since your new guitarist Sam Bowden joined the permanent line-up in December?

A. Feels great, feels like he’s been in the band forever, he’s a great dude and awesome guitarist.

Q. What was the story and deciding factor that made him a full-time member of Neck Deep, instead of a fill-in?

A. He just fit into the band really well. We’d known him for years so we didn’t have to get to know him. He knew our dynamic and took to his new position really naturally.

Q. Although it hasn’t been long since you released “Life’s Not Out to Get You” in August of last year, are you guys already working on new material? What can you tell us about this?

A. Not just yet, we have a few demos lying around and we’ve all been personally jamming ideas, but musicians always are. We’re yet to get together to jam and write together but we’re planning on doing so when we have some downtime.

Q. Will we be seeing you at any summer festivals this year?

A. Maybe

Q. Is there anything else that Neck Deep fans can anticipate for 2016?

A. Lots of shows, some great tours and awesome content. We’re always working on things so I can’t say much but keep your eyes peeled.

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