die hexe crop

Words by: Jeanette LeBlanc

If You’re a Fan of: Being As An Ocean, Stick To Your Guns, Poison The Well, Norma Jean.

Hailing from Pickering, Ontario; Die Hexe are keeping it heavy with their hardcore/punk/emo vibes.

Having been founded in 2015, this band are as fresh to the scene as it gets, with their debut self-titled release dropping in January of 2016.

Die Hexe takes you on a whirlwind of emotions, with the opening track blasting straight hard-hitting-core, with a melodic spin half way through- thus predicting the feel of the remainder of the album.

The vocals remain heavy throughout with the lack of clean harmonies. The hook that lures you in to consistent listening is provided by the emotions felt throughout the guitar interludes and tones.

If you’re looking for a quick banger to leave you deep in thought and contemplating the direction your life is heading; this 5-track release provides a mysterious and inviting ride, that will most likely have you coming back for more.

Catch Die Hexe at their debut shows within the GTA/Quebec:

Feb 20: Smiling Buddha, Toronto
Feb 26: The Diezel Room, Oshawa
Feb 27: The YFC Centre, Cambridge
Feb 28: The Doors Pub, Hamilton
Mar 3: Le Sous-Sol du Cercle, Quebec
Mar 12: Top Shelf, Ajax (Lungless CD Release)


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