Photo Credit: Dominik Magdziak, Out Of My League's Facebook Gallery
Photo Credit: Dominik Magdziak, Out Of My League’s Facebook Gallery

Words by and Edited by: Alexia Kapralos

Release Date: April 2, 2016, unsigned

Straight out of Bowmanville, Ontario, Out Of My League is an unsigned hardcore/metalcore band that packs a heavy punch (yes – pun intended). The band will be releasing their second EP, Resented, on April 2, which is their follow up to 2014’s Beautiful Calamity . I had the opportunity to listen to their upcoming EP prior to the release. I guarantee that if you’re a metal fan, especially a fan of the hardcore sub-genre, you will be impressed with Resented.

Let’s start with the fact that the band members are super young (some are even in high school). They’re so fresh in the music scene, yet it’s absolutely incredible that they could create music like this. The professional quality of their live performances I’ve viewed previously, let alone of Resented, is truly top-notch. This EP demonstrates that Out Of My League has already reached heights that many mature bands struggle to reach and due to their age, it’s clear that they’re still growing and improving as a band.

Throughout the entirety of the EP, Resented retains an overall polished sound, yet still maintains the raw energy that hardcore music embodies. This trend stretches from the beginning to end of the EP, starting with the track, “Resented”. This song is an aggressive introduction piece. Starting off with killer vocal attack (courtesy of vocalist Dom Paron), “Resented” sets the tone for the rest of the EP. It also seamlessly flows into the next track, “A Loaded Gun,” almost like it’s one song.

“A Loaded Gun” is almost like a continuation of “Resented” (or so it seems). The content of the song also continues to be about angsty and emotional subject matter, so the lyrics flow just as the instrumentals do. Even though it’s early on in the album, I’m sure you’ll already have a sore neck from all the head banging you’ve been doing.

Another notable song off Resented is “Blind” because it features guest vocals from Aiden Versteegh of London, Ontario’s Falsifier. The collaboration made for an interesting twist in the song, allowing for further diversity in vocal styles. This song fades gently into “Black Sheep” where the aggression returns, strong.

“Black Sheep” has a rather catchy “bounce” to it, which would be interesting to see live in terms of crowd reaction. It’s probably one of my personal favourite songs off the EP for this trait. It also contains arguably the best breakdown on all of Resented.

The concluding track on the EP, “Recover,” is the most unique track out of the seven. It features clean vocals, which only make an appearance in this tune. The slow pace and clean vocals of “Recover” build up to a dramatic release mid-song. This is when you begin to hear Out Of My League‘s more familiar sound. It’s a powerful close to the album because of it’s motivational lyrics (like “I’m standing tall/I will not fall/or let it go”) and epic instrumental sound. They definitely saved this weapon of attack as one of the most memorable notes to conclude on.

Overall, I truly enjoyed listening to this EP. Resented is a passionate symbol of hope for what it means to be part of the Canadian metal scene, that’s for sure. I’m looking forward to seeing how Out Of My League will continue to develop in the future. Be sure to check it out for yourself when it drops April 2.

You could catch Out Of My League on The Plug-In, airing on 1280 AM The Scope this Thursday night at 7 p.m. for an interview!

Track Listing:

  1. Resented
  2.  A Loaded Gun
  3.  Spineless
  4. Blind (Ft. Aiden Versteegh of Falsifier)
  5. Black Sheep
  6. Heart Of Hate
  7. Recover

Listen to “Spineless”:

Listen to “Resented/A Loaded Gun”:

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