Words and Edit by: Alexia Kapralos

King Conquer guitarist John Byrd has died.

Although he died April 5, his death was announced in a statement on the band’s Facebook page earlier today. According to the post, Byrd did struggle with substance abuse, but there’s no confirmation in the statement whether this is the cause of death.

Fans are asking on Facebook whether his death is connected with his substance abuse problem. But King Conquer replied in the comments section that it indeed it, but they won’t be the ones to disclose the details.

Here is their entire statement:

“As many of you may have read earlier today, our former Guitarist John Byrd passed away. We didn’t part on the best terms, but we never could have wished this on him. He was our brother for the 4 years he was with the band up until substance started to take over. John was one of the smartest and most talented dudes in the world, and finding out about this today was just insane. Same day as Kurt Cobain and Layne Staley. If you battle with substance abuse of any kind, PLEASE seek help. It’s not worth loosing the one life you have to live. Yes life can suck, it can suck really really bad sometimes, but take control and make this one life you have great!”

Byrd joined the American deathcore band back in 2007. While he was alive, he appeared on two of their self-titled EPs and two full-length albums, America’s Most Haunted and 1776.

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