Words By: Christina Marchioni

On April 20th, 2016; Hedley’s Hello: World Tour made it’s way to Budweiser Gardens in London Ontari-OH supported by fellow Canadian artists Francesco Yates and Carly Rae Jepsen.

Hedley entered the stage with a energetic “Hello” off their latest album. Screams were coming from every direction in the arena full of fans as Hedley, lead by their fearless frontman, Jacob Hoggard, appeared before them.

Performing new songs like “Lost in Translation” and “Can’t Slow Down” to classic hits such as “Gunnin”, “For the Nights I Can’t Remember”, “Old School” and even their very first track “Villain” off their first self titled album. Hoggards energy and charisma continued during their two hour performance. Hoggard continually urged fans to sing the lyrics and dance even though it was apparent that they were already doing so. Throughout the night he would yell “London Ontari– ” and the crowd would scream “OH!” to finish his sentence.

Taking a break between songs, Hoggard noticed and asked a fan who she was texting if he could see the phone. Without much hesitation she threw the phone to him and he took a quick peek at her recently called list. Joking around, he asked her who the “Acquaintance (with an ice cream cone and heart emoji)” was. The fans around laughed and Hoggard continued with peeking through the girls phone. He took the phone and held it to the microphone in an attempt to call Canadian Tire and ask if there was a discount on “hoes”. Unfortunately for Hoggard, Canadian Tire was closed. From that point he called the girls father and had a brief conversation – with the entire arena screaming and cheering him on in the background. At the end, the girl was invited onto the stage to take a selfie with the band.

After all the shenanigans, the show must go on. They played ‘Cha-Ching’ and towards the end of the song Hoggard shot t-shirts into the crowd. After the song the band exited the stage and the crowd cheered for an encore. Moments later, Hoggard appeared with a spotlight in the crowd with an acoustic guitar performing “Trip”. His image which was also projected on the large screens on stage (which also featured a young fan standing directly behind was texting (and filming what was pretty much the back of Hoggard’s head; Don’t people put down their phones at all during concerts?!) so people farther away could see him serenading the audience. Just before the chorus, Hoggard yells “Hedley!” And the stage lights up as the members join in to finish the rest of the song. They continued with “Kiss You Inside Out”, “Crazy” and finally finished with “Anything”. After the encore, Hoggard thanked the fans for their continued support after telling everyone how much they all meant to him.

Francesco Yates

Carly Rae Jepsen


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