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Words By: Alison Seroude

Photography by: Jason Hodgins

If you’re like any other metalhead out there that goes to shows solo because all of your friends don’t appreciate metal for what it is, then Enter Shikari’s Mindsweep Tour is the show you should’ve taken your friends to go see this past Wednesday at the MOD Club! Even the opening bands Hands Like Houses and The White Noise would’ve been enjoyed by all of your metal-free mates. The mix of heavy and clean vocals with the added techno melodies and catchy choruses could easily keep the attention of the most critical audience member.

It isn’t until Enter Shikari take the stage that you’ll see the strangest crowd of people. Opening with their self-titled reprise, Enter Shikari immediately set the tone for what kind of theatrics we could expect from their performance. The wild light show paired with such an intimate venue with easy access to the stage for crowd-surfers, made for an almost metal-like rave. Between the flailing legs and arms peeking over the horizon of the crowd, you could easily spot the ravers and the skankers having the times of their lives. Even Rou Reynolds couldn’t help but acknowledge that Enter Shikari is one of few (if not the only band) where you can find metalheads, ravers, and skankers all under the same roof singing the same songs.

While Enter Shikari inevitably played quite a few songs off of their latest record The Mindsweep, they played a lot more songs from all of their previous albums. They even opened with ‘Sorry, You’re Not A Winner’ and bled ‘No Sleep Tonight’ with ‘The Last Garrison’ to get the Enter Shikari fans from 2007 just as hyped as the newer fans. To keep their older songs fresh however, Enter Shikari did a lot of song editing. They cut out the intro to ‘The Jester’ and kept only the last chorus of ‘No Sleep Tonight’. While this is quite unconventional it actually kept the crowd together and helped the overall feel of the show. So, even if you were an older Enter Shikari fan they still played the songs you know and love, but with a bit of a twist that you can still enjoy and appreciate. However, for Enter Shikari it is pretty clear that mixing heavy vocals and guitars with synthesizers is their bread and butter, so they created a lot of mixes for songs like ‘There’s A Price On Your Head’ and ‘Anaesthetist’.

Because Enter Shikari are a pretty unconventional band in terms of performance, the mixes and tweaks the band have chosen to make attracts the crowd the band wants, which is much broader than just metalheads. They’re attracting all the ravers who’ll make sure the crowd is always going, and the skankers who’ll keep the vibe and asthetic as punk as they can, but they still remain loyal to their original fanbase by getting into the pit and throwing their speakers into the audience so that they can stand up on it and surf the crowd. It’s because of that strange mix of fans that Enter Shikari’s music attracts that they can put on the weirdest, craziest show but will still pull in metalheads and their resistant friends who only enjoy Top 40. Enter Shikari’s strange performance and easily relatable music is what made the crowd constantly band together behind the mantra “and still we will be here, standing like statues”, in fact that was what the crowd chanted before receiving a three song encore consisting of ‘Redshift’, ‘Anaesthetist’ and ‘The Appeal & The Mindsweep II’. Those were also the lyrics the entire crowd chanted just before leaving the venue, banding together once last time through their love for Enter Shikari.

Set List:

Enter Shikari (Reprise)

Sorry, You’re Not a Winner

The One True Colour

The Last Garrison (Mash-Up with No Sleep Tonight)

No Sleep Tonight (Last Chorus)



The Paddington Frisk


The Jester (Without Intro)

There’s a Price on Your Head (+ Byrd Remix)


Arguing with Thermometers

Gandhi Mate, Gandhi

Torn Apart




Anaesthetist (+ Reso Remix)

The Appeal & the Mindsweep II






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