the frame defect

Words By: Gerrod Harris

If You’re A Fan Of: Periphery, System Of A Down, Protest The Hero

Local Toronto progressive rock outfit, The Frame Defect, will drop their debut full length album, Selfless, this summer, likely between June and July.  In the meantime, the band has released, “Another Day”, the first single from the upcoming record, which you can listen to below!

The events of Selfless, a concept album, are sparked by the messages of “Another Day”.  As described by vocalist and guitarist Milen Petzelt-Sorace, “‘Another Day’ was written to try and convey the thoughts of a person that’s upset with the state of the world. Someone tired and frustrated by the daily reports of crime and death, with little to no justice for the victims. This frustration builds and culminates in the decision to take action, to try and change things for the better. That choice is what kicks off the events of Selfless.” The record looks to tell a story- with influences in pop cultural mediums, of the likes of graphic novels, as well as reflections of the current occurrences throughout our world- of a protagonist who chooses to take up civil vigilantism as a means of delivering justice, while also reflecting on the internal changes and conflicts which can occur while doing so.

Despite the elaborate themes dealt with throughout the length of Selfless, the instrumental work will also manage to captivate listeners due to the nature of their high level of musicianship and technical ability. Using “Another Day” gives a sneak peek to a collection of songs which have the potential to stand among today’s progressive titans.  Milen Petzelt-Sorace is joined by Spencer Creaghan on guitar, bassist Dominick de Kauwe (of Toronto’s Red Handed Denial), and drummer Dickson Benjamin, making for a very talented cast of musicians who bring the many layers of “Another Day” to life.  “Another Day” shifts through the softer calms while navigating sections of chaos, leaving the listener excited and eager for the full record..  Produced, mixed, and mastered by Todd Barriage at Borland Studios, Selfless looks to fuse the essence of modern progressive metal of the likes of Protest The Hero and Periphery along with a feeling similar to System Of A Down.

To follow along with The Frame Defect, and I highly recommend you do, you can like their Facebook page in order to stay tuned to the release date of Selfless, as well as any upcoming shows.

Listen To “Another Day”:



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