Photography: Jeanette LeBlanc

Words: Alison Seroude

After a well needed revamp for the venue, the Sound Academy welcomed Thrice back to Toronto with opening bands La Dispute and Gates. Other bands don’t come close to Thrice’s fan base, as they filled up the entire venue from the inside and out, and with the Sound Academy’s fresh new face it adequately accommodated all the extra space needed for the release of extra last-minute tickets.

Gates hails straight from New Jersey and are a relatively young band who are already promoting their second album Parallel Lives which just dropped June 6th. While they played a short set list consisting of only 6 songs, they wisely chose to play three songs off of their debut album Bloom & Breathe as well as promoting three songs off of their second record. This gave all the Thrice and La Dispute fans a well rounded taste of what Gates has to offer, and they may just earn the same loyal and dedicated fan base Thrice and La Dispute are known for.

La Dispute were quick to take the stage next, opening with ‘All Our Bruised Bodies and the Whole Heart Sinks’ off of Wildlife. While La Dispute are one of the corner stones of any post-hardcore fans playlist, their usual off the wall performance fell flat. While the music failed to catch the ears of those in the back, their set list was just as much to blame. A lot of the heart of La Dispute shows come from the crowd singing and chanting along to well known songs like ‘Such Small Hands’ and ‘Andria’. While most understand La Dispute are still promoting their 2014 album, Rooms of the House, the band chose to play songs solely off of that album and Wildfire, leaving their hit ‘King Park’ for last. Even though the fans still love and adore La Dispute, it cannot be argued that their performance was anything other than boring.

After a short change over, Thrice were introduced to the stage with a backdrop of moving static, before coming to a stop with the focused message To Be Everywhere Is To Be Nowhere, their newest album after their two year hiatus. The moment their newest album adorned the backdrop, fans went nuts as they opening chords to ‘Hurricane’ began. While the first half of their set list was relatively soft (with the exception of ‘Silhouette’) their performance really picked up once ‘Daedalus’ began. Every concert-goer that was once standing at the back of the venue quickly made their way to the front of the show. Thrice planned out the perfect set list as they fed off of the crowds newly revitalized energy and proceeded with songs like ‘Blood On the Sand’ and ‘Yellow Belly’. Thrice then played their last song ‘For Miles’ before filing off stage… or so the crowd thought. While the fans chanted encore and would’ve been happy with just one extra song, Thrice brought in the big guns to give us not one, but three encore songs. They started off with 2003’s ‘The Artist in The Ambulance’ followed by ‘In Years to Come’ and ‘The Earth Will Shake’, leaving Toronto with the perfect set list and finish to a tour to welcome back one of music’s best and most influential post-hardcore bands to date. Welcome back Thrice, we’ve missed you!

Set List:

Of Dust and Nations
All the World is Mad
Black Honey
Stay With Me
The Long Defeat
Wood and Wire
The Sky Is Falling
Cold Cash and Colder Hearts
Hold Fast Hope
Blood on the Sand
Death From Above
Yellow Belly
For Miles


The Arist in the Ambulance
In Years to Come
The Earth Will Shake


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