CONCERT COVERAGE: Vanna | Hard Luck Bar


Photography & Words By: Raven Benwait

After 13 years together as a band, Vanna announced the end of their career with their All Good Things Must Come to An End farewell tour. One of their stops included Toronto on August 9 at Hard Luck Bar. The environment was filled with die-hard fans, passion and lots of intimacy.

The evening included support from Phinehas, Ghost Keys and Like Pacific. I unfortunately missed most of the openers, but luckily made it on-time for Like Pacific. Toronto Pop Punk rockers Like Pacific definitely lifted the energy levels. You could tell that a lot of the crowd was there for Vanna, but there was still a fair share of Like Pacific fans stage diving.

Their set-list included some songs from their latest album Distant Like You Asked with Pure Noise Records. They had a great modern day, heavier Pop-Punk vibe which I loved. This album consists of a lot of emotion: anger. You could hear the passion and emotion coming from vocalist Jordan Black. A crowd favourite of course was the song Distant Like You Asked, which is a hard-hitting song that many of us can relate to. All in all, I loved their energy and passion; their heavy Pop Punk style doesn’t disappoint and they do a great job of representing the Toronto Punk scene.

Now the venue was packed at this point. People were extremely pumped for Vanna. They immediately walked onto stage with emotion arising. They played hits from Curse, Void, All Hell & more including Toxic Pretender, Pretty Grim and fan favourite, Year of the Rat. Emotions were out of the roof when they played Safe to Say and Scarlet Shroud which are both classic songs.

Vocalist Davey Muise took many pauses in between the music to say some words. Usually, I would mind if bands take so many pauses in between, but everything he said was worth the while. If you’ve seen Vanna live, you know they’re full of motivation. Muise has shared countless stories about depression and being strong through difficult times in your life. He speaks of fans supporting eachother and being one. He wants everyone to feel included. Infact, he even got some people to sing his songs. One lucky guy got a chance to sing half a song and some included a few lines from men and women.

I love intimate bands. Vanna was probably the most intimate band I’ve seen with a crowd, and it is much easier at a venue like Hard Luck. Ofcourse, the venue was jam-packed and probably the sweatiest I’ve ever felt at a concert. Some people compared it to that time The Dillinger Escape Plan came to Hard Luck in 2016 – now that was a sweaty night.

Some more of their music included We Ate the Horse You Rode On, my absolute favourite, Trashmouth and Digging. Ofcourse Vanna was not done yet. Fans screamed “one more song;” infact a fan jumped on stage, grabbed the mic and shouted along with the crowd. Ofcourse Vanna, who never disappoints came out to play two more songs – I Am the Wind, You Are the Feather and Flower.

Fans were going crazy; there was not much moshing going on, but instead everyone was trying to reach the front of the stage and sing along, which is not usually the case at most shows I attend. It was beautiful to see the intimacy and emotions of so many wonderful fans, especially during the last Toronto show Vanna would ever play.

Vanna repeatedly mentioned that Toronto was the best show of this entire tour by far. They complimented our music scene, thanking everyone who was at their first ever Sneaky Dees show, their countless Hard Luck Bar shows and ofcourse the hardcore fans of this very night.

Vanna has always taken the negative in their lives and used it to fuel positive change. Their music has produced so much happiness and passion and I think it is safe to say, Vanna’s legacy will live on, not only in Toronto, but all the people around the world that they have impacted.



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