Adam R. Harrison | The Heavy Press | November 13, 2017 | REBEL, Toronto | Do not crop or modify these images | Do not use without permission

Photography & Words by: Adam R. Harrison

The lost art of gothic love songs is taking additional casualties with the final tour of HIM. The Finnish rockers made a stop at Toronto’s REBEL Nightclub on Monday night as part of their farewell tour. Gracing us with 100 final minutes of metal ballads.

HIM opened their set to the fans’ delight with “Buried Alive by Love.” Leading man Ville Valo, dressed in signature black attire and eyeliner mostly appeared as a shadow in the red and blue lit atmosphere. He remained mostly static while performing and taciturn between songs, but he delivered the vocal goods as expected for songs of romance and mortality such as “Join Me in Death,” “Right Here in My Arms” and of course their crunchy cover of Chris Isaak’s classic “Wicked Games.”

After a short encore break, it would be time for HIM to say their goodbyes, but not before ending on a high note, which would be in the form of another cover song. This time of Billy Idol’s anthem, “Rebel Yell,” which ironically had the crowd chanting “more, more, more.”

The term ‘farewell’ has been used loosely by several bands over the years as a marketing tool to sell tickets. So, will we ever see this band again? Well, I guess that is up to HIM.


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