CONCERT COVERAGE: Sleeping With Sirens | Rebel


Words by: Tyson Clarke

Rumour has it Sleeping with Sirens brought their Gossip World Tour in support of their newly released LP Gossip, with support from Set It Off to Toronto’s Danforth Music Hall on January 26th 2018. On a warm January night, hundreds of adoring fans packed the venue to witness one of the lightest and most uplifting spectacle’s in recent memory.

The first band to take the stage was the Tampa based pop rock band, Set It Off. Though they were the opening act, Set It Off was able to control the crowd and captivate them with their infectious energy to the point where at times you’d think that they were the headliners. The band had a huge following and even if you hadn’t heard of them, by the end of the show every person in the room was jumping, clapping, dancing, and waving their hands. It was easy to tell that the band was genuinely grateful and appreciative to play in Toronto. At one point singer Cody Carson, told a story about how when they were first starting out they would book shows in Canada with no support and play for a couple of kids because they always dreamed about touring in Canada. Afterwards, Cody told the crowd to “follow your dreams, and don’t be afraid to fail because it will all work out in the end if you want it bad enough.” If you hadn’t heard of Set It Off before the show, they left their impact and one over everyone in the audience.

Shortly afterwards was the reason why everyone came out, to see the Orlando based pop rock/metalcore band, Sleeping with Sirens. The band opened with the intro to “Feel” before leaping right into fan favourites “Low”, “Go Go Go”, and “Better off Dead”. They were able to do a perfect mix of fan favourites, as well as songs of their newest album Gossip which came out in the later part of 2017.

Midway through the set, the band left the stage, except for guitarist Nick Martin and singer, Kellin Quinn who did a short acoustic set to get up close and personal with the fans. The set included the fan favourite “Roger Rabbit”, as well as “Gossip” and “The Strays”. This part of the show was haunting, and emotional and proved just how incredible Kellin Quinn’s vocal range is. Similarly to Set It Off, Kellin Quinn didn’t hold back on showing his appreciation for the crowd. Right before diving into “The Strays” he said “It’s such an honour to be here tonight. Thank you to anyone who waited in the freezing ass cold to be here. Thank you to anyone who travelled from out of town. Thank you most importantly to everyone for supporting this scene. It’s nice to be around a whole bunch of like-minded people, and I think together we can change the world one day.”

Sleeping with Sirens closed off their set with their first single off the new record, “Legends” before quickly jumping back onstage to play two of their biggest songs “If You Can’t Hang” and “Kick Me” to send the crowd home happy.

Overall, this show and the tour in general is just a celebration of life and music. The bands bring so much positivity and light the world that it’s impossible not to smile, and while leaving the venue there wasn’t one unhappy face. People are going to be talking about the Gossip Tour for a long time and although people say to stay away from gossip, if the tour is coming to your city it’s not a show you’re going to want to miss.

Set It Off:


Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing


Admit It


Ancient History

Bleak December


Life Afraid

Upside Down

Why Worry

Sleeping with Sirens:

Feel (Intro only)


Go Go Go

Better Off Dead

Empire of Ashes

Hole In My Heart

One Man Army

Roger Rabbit (Acoustic)

Gossip (Acoustic)

The Strays (Acoustic)





If You Can’t Hang

Kick Me

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