Photography & Words by: Adam R. Harrison

A sold-out crowd of early millennials packed The Danforth Music Hall on Saturday night for the first of two nights hosting the long-awaited return of Dashboard Confessional. A band that may have once comforted this demographic through their more ‘emo’ of days in high school.

Touring for their latest album, Crooked Shadows, it’s been nearly a decade since we’ve heard from lead man, Chris Carrabba, and his band. It was evident that Carrabba was pleased to be back in action and wasn’t a bit rusty, hitting all the same long airy notes he did fifteen years ago. Boasting songs that are very lyrical, he loved and encouraged the audience to sing along with him and praised us for doing so.

Despite the obvious excitement for their return, there was one audience member that irked Carrabba. “Did your girlfriend make you come? You’re just standing there in the front row looking miserable.” He then shrugged it off, “that’s ok, we’ve been known to deal in misery.”

“I’m from America, where people are bad.” Carrabba expanded into a story that made him over aware of the position of the fly on his pants. A member of support band, The Elwins, was performing with his zipper down, when a collection of audience members attempted to warn him in quiet unison as to avoid embarrassment. “You’re so nice, even if you’re not interested.” A slight jab to the aforementioned man in the front row.

Throughout the 90-minute set we were treated to a collection of songs old and new, including their latest single “We Fight.” The biggest pop of course came for the set wrapping “Vindicated” and encore “Hands Down” in which every hand (and phone) swayed through the air. Leaving the sold-out crowd in utter bliss for their journey home. Dashboard Confessional were every bit as ready as we were to be back in the game, which is hopefully a sign that it won’t be so long before their next visit. “Our next album will be out 24 years from now,” Carrabba joked in graceful appreciation.

Dashboard Confessional

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