Photography by: Jerome Joyce

Words by: Tyson Clarke

On May 26th 2018, Pop Punk Legends New Found Glory brought their Sick Tour to Toronto’s Phoenix Concert Theatre. The event was in support of the band’s ninth studio release, Makes Me Sick. Supported by an all- star lineup of openers: former Yellowcard vocalist William Ryan Key, The Movielife, and Bayside. All signs pointed that this would be a night that the sold out crowd would never forget.

As the lights went down, Britney Spears’s “Hit Me Baby One More Time” blared through the speakers. Followed by the sound of sirens and flashing red and blue lights before New Found Glory ran on stage and flew into fan favourites, “All Downhill from Here”, “Understatement”, and “Better off Dead”. “What is up Toronto? It’s so good to be back. We were here back in November celebrating our 20th anniversary. Give it up for us for making it over here twice within a year. And the fact that you keep coming back shows that you’re true fans. Every year is an anniversary for us so this year we turned 21 which is even more special, at least where we’re from. This is going to be a party” said guitarist, Chad Gilbert before playing “Party on Apocalypse”.

The band brought a fan up on stage twice during the show. First, they brought a man by the name of Steven to join them on stage to help with the opening of “Failure’s Not Flattering”. They also brought a lady named Julie on stage to spin the wheel of songs. The wheel of songs included many of the bands lesser known songs, and was used to keep the band on their toes and make their sets feel different every night. The wheel landed on “Vicious Love” off of the album Resurrection.

New Found Glory kept the talking to a minimum, focusing on fitting as many songs into their 75 minute set as possible. They wrapped up their set with “Don’t Let Her Pull You Down” and “Head on Collision”. “Much love to all of you for coming out tonight. We greatly appreciate you more than you can imagine. We never thought we’d get to be a band for this long, but you guys let us continue. We are New Found Glory, and that’s it. We love you.” before going into “Hit or Miss”.

As the crowd begged for one more song, the Rocky theme song was playing over the speakers. When the band returned to the stage, singer Jordan Pundik was dressed in an American flag boxing robe and shorts. They proceeded into a cover of Survivor’s “Eye of the Tiger”, before closing the night with their mega hit “My Friends over You”.

New Found Glory has one of the most recognizable and iconic sounds in pop punk. The band members are within the ages of 37-40 but in a live setting it feel like it’s still the early 2000’s. Their music oozes and begs for energy, and these guys have no problem with leaving every ounce of energy on that stage. Early in the set the band promised that this night was going to be a party, and that’s exactly what they gave us.

NFG Setlist:

All Downhill From Here
Better off Dead
Party on Apocalypse
Forget My Name
Glory of Love (Peter Getera Cover)
Barbed Wire
Failure’s Not Flattering
Happy Being Miserable
Dressed to Kill
Vicious Love
Call Me Anti-Social
Truth of my Youth
Anthem for the Unwanted
Don’t Let Here Pull You Down
Head on Collision
Hit or Miss

Eye of the Tiger (Survivor Cover)
My Friends over You


New Found Glory

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