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Words by: Tyson Clarke

The countdown finally reached the end as Thirty Seconds to Mars brought their “Monolith Tour” to Toronto’s Budweiser Stage on June 6th 2018. The tour is in support of the bands 5th studio album, America. Alongside Thirty Seconds to Mars were some of the brightest young groups in the indie/alternative scene: Joywave, Misterwives, and Walk the Moon. Though it was a chilly spring night, the weather did not stop the near 10 000 fans from partying the night away.

As the house lights turned off, a giant LED rectangle box lowered to the center of the stage. Everything was black, as the intro for “Monolith” began. Suddenly the box raised up and splits into 5 screens, as Thirty Seconds to Mars emerge from underneath. The band was greeted by an irruption from the crowd, mainly from women yelling “I love you” and “you’re so sexy” as Jared Leto took a look into the audience and said “Toronto make some fucking noise” before jumping into “Up in the Air” and “Kings and Queens”.

“Hello! Hold on, I have to take my glasses off so I can see you. Make some noise if you’re having fun tonight. How many of you are seeing Thirty Seconds to Mars for the first time? Thank you, and also what the fuck took you so long? How many of you have seen us before? We were in this same venue last year, and we just had to come back. We missed you” Leto said “Hail to the Victor”. It was the first night of the tour, and their biggest headline tour the band has ever embarked on thus far, so Jared Leto made sure to remind the crowd of their appreciation often throughout the set. “I had no idea the first night of the tour was probably gonna be the best night of the tour. Seriously, I wasn’t expecting this kind of energy. Maybe we can make this a yearly thing? We’re like your two crazy uncles that won’t stop visiting” said Leto before playing a cover of Rihanna’s “Stay”.

Crowd participation was a big thing with all of the bands on the bill, but Thirty Seconds to Mars took it to another level. The band brought fans up on stage on three different occasions. At one point a young boy named Logan was brought up on stage to dance with the band during their latest single, “Rescue Me”. To close out the show Leto basically grabbed everyone he could reach to come up on stage because there were about 50 fans up there during “Closer to the Edge”. Midway through the song Jared Leto stopped to thank the crowd one last time “holy fucking shit, I need to stop and say thank you so much. What a fucking audience” he said before finishing the song and wrapped up the set, leaving the crowd with no encore and praying that they return next year as promised.

Jared Leto has a larger than life ambiance to him on stage. He came on stage in a red blazer, red pants, red gloves, sunglasses and a cape, and watching him storm around on stage almost makes it seem like he’s a real super hero. Guitarist, Tomo Millicevic was missing from the bands performance which only left Jared and his brother behind the kit, Shannon Leto. It’s a very large stage for one guy to fill, but Leto not only succeeded, but exceled at filling the stage and giving everyone a show.

This is the perfect outdoor amphitheatre summer tour. All four bands have infectious energy that makes it impossible to stand still. There are good vibes all around. This tour is just getting started so if it’s coming to your city grab a few friends, and get ready for a great summer night.

 TSTM Setlist:

  1. Monolith (Intro)
  2. Up in the Air
  3. Kings and Queens
  4. This is War
  5. Dangerous Night
  6. Do or Die
  7. Hail to the Victor
  8. The Kill
  9. Stay (Rihanna cover)
  10. Great Wide Open
  11. Search and Destroy
  12. Rescue Me
  13. Walk on Water
  14. Closer to the Edge

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