Words + Photos by: Jerome Joyce

With most reviews I write, I normally just sit back and let the visual experience tell me what I need to express but in this case, it took me a couple of days to wrap my head around what I actually  witnessed. When going into Velvet Underground on Saturday, August 18th, I really wasn’t sure what to expect. Not really knowing much about the band, Le Butcherettes but hearing about who they’ve toured with and the notoriety around the music was intriguing. I was also very of unaware what I was walking into visually.

Being the only band scheduled that night, I went in knowing that the energy of the building would be solely based around their performance but even that was tough to get a read on as the crowd sat calm and gentle, quietly speaking to one another. 9:30pm arrives and they hit the stage, Teri dressed in native Mexican tribal attire, red painted stripe across her face, backed by her 3 piece band addresses the crowd with a gentle ” Gracias”, and softly steps behind her keys.

The second the music starts, the alter ego known as Teri Gender Bender comes alive! The intensity in her eyes is unnerving and almost unbearable to watch at times. The 13 song set played by the multi instrumentalist was an absolute whirlwind of anger, anguish and frustration of the life she’s lived and you could feel every ounce of what she was portraying, message wise through her music. The music is her true outlet as she switched backed into the soft spoken, almost timid self between each song as she addressed the crowd.

This set was absolutely mesmerizing and dragged me through an emotional and physical rollercoaster ride that to be honest, I wasn’t ready for! I just visually and musically witnessed a masterpiece, a flawless work of art! I’ve always been one to have a connection with music and the “feel” it generates within is always fascinating but this set pulled out a whole other level of raw emotion, one I truly understood, felt and connected with. I suggest to anyone reading this… If you are like myself, make sure you check out their music if you haven’t already and make sure to see Le Butcherettes live.. Truly something you have to experience for yourself.

Le Butcherettes


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