Words + Photography by: Jerome Joyce

The long-awaited arrival of Norway’s Dimmu Borgir finally came upon us on Thursday, August 23rd, 2018 at the Danforth Music Hall. 8 years to be exact since The symphonic black metal pioneers have played in Toronto. This North American tour is in support of the 10th studio release, Eonian which was released early in 2018, which like this night, was long awaited.

The night started off with Toronto’s own black metal heavyweights, Panzerfaust. A band I’ve been eagerly waiting to see live myself. Decked out in mud covering their bodies, the band took the stage. Drum kit up front and center, members to each side and the vocalist on a podium behind the kit, this setup was the most unique I’ve seen in a long time. This 4 piece has been gaining momentum in the genre and after experiencing their set live, at the top is where they belong.

Face paint and tour shirts spanning two decades were heavily evident within the crowd at Danforth Music Hall. The stage went dark and the band that everyone had been waiting just under a decade to see started to appear. Dressed in long black cloaks, they appeared one by one amongst the blood red stage lights and heavy fog. Starting off the 12 song, 60+ minute masterpiece with ” The Unveiling” The first track off their latest release, Eonian. They delivered a solid mix of new tracks and classics to keep the new fan and die hard’s singing, fist pumping, head banging and chanting all night. A truly magical night, one definitely worth the wait!


Dimmu Borgir


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