Photography by: Jerome Joyce

Words by: Jeanette Cruickshank

On Friday, September 7th, 2018 Parkway Drive’s Reverance North American Tour took over Rebel in Toronto with support from August Burns Red, The Devil Wears Prada and Polaris. This sold-out show made it’s impact as the band’s largest North American show to date, good job Toronto!

Openers and fellow Australian’s Polaris kicked things off. They brought the exact metalcore sound and melodic vibes that Parkway Drive fans would want to hear. Our only complaint was that their set was too short. If you like Parkway, then definitely go check out Polaris’ latest release The Mortal Coil.

Up next came The Devil Wears Prada, they kept the momentum going and had fans moshing and singing along to every song. Their set list consisted of “Mammoth”, “Planet A”, “Worldwide”, “Daughter”, “I Hate Buffering”, “Anatomy”, “Born to Lose” and “Danger: Wildman”.

TDWP are planning on heading straight back on the road at the end of this tour in support of their very own With Roots Above and Branches Below 10 Year Anniversary Tour, so naturally their set consisted of a couple of songs from the release but considering the fact that their WRAABB Tour isn’t making it’s way to Toronto, it would have been nice to hear even more from the album, but hey, it’s not up to us!

Then as the room continued to climb to capacity, the time came for August Burns Red to take over. Fans were stoked to say the least! The lighting stepped it’s game up and the band burst into “King of Sorrow” followed by “Martyr”, “Invisible Enemy”, “Composure”, “Dangerous”, “Empire”, “Majoring in the Minors”, “Fault Line”, “Ghosts”, “The Frost” and
“White Washed”.

The pit lit up and the sound was tight, ABR and Parkway truly are both on top of the metalcore food chain. These bands are filled with incredibly talented musicians and are idolized by many in the scene.

Finally, as the venue hit capacity and the lights turned down, the time came for Parkway Drive to take over. They dove right into the 2 opening tracks off of Revereance, “Wishing Wells” and “Prey”. These songs were clearly made to be performed and listened to back-to-back, they hit hard! New and old fans were blown away by the setlist, they really didn’t leave much out for anyone to complain about and the flow of the songs was well constructed.

Front man Winston McCall was mesmerizing to watch, he works the crowd and the stage with such purpose and makes everything he does seem so effortless. Winston also had a permanent grin on his face and kept tell everyone how blown away the band was that they got to play such a big sold-out show in North-America.

At one point while Winston was saying thank-you, a fan yelled out “No, thank-YOU man, WTF?!” and it was a pretty honest response to what the crowd was feeling.

Parkway Drive truly deserved the recognition that they received at this sold-out gig. They’ve worked hard to get where they are and it’s been a long time coming for them. All in all Parkway Drive’s Reverence North American Tour stop in Toronto was a complete success. You really could not ask for a better way to spend a Friday night!

Parkway Drive’s Setlist:
Wishing Wells
Vice Grip
Cemetery Bloom
The Void
Idols and Anchors
Dead Man’s Chest
Absolute Power
Wild Eyes
Bottom Feeder

August Burns Red

Parkway Drive


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